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Top 5 Tear-jerking “This is Us” Moments

This Is Us Season 3 is in full swing, and just when you think it can’t get any better… it does. This show seems to cover every topic under the sun, but in a poignant way that never feels like they are just skimming over anything. Every episode has heartfelt moments that are bound to make you tear up, if not actually start bawling.

Don’t be afraid to cry at this show, I’ve done it… we’ve all done it. Here are the top five tear-jerking moments from NBC’s best family drama:


1. Jack’s Death 

Early in the show, we find out that Jack Pearson, the best dad, has passed away. However, due to the nature of the show and the way it flits between time periods, it isn’t clear how he died. Season 2 Episode 15, “Super Bowl Sunday,” retells the whole story. The Pearsons are struck by tragedy and just when you think everything is going to be ok, it all falls apart again. Mandy Moore as Rebecca, in those moments of hardship, was so heartbreaking and left us all feeling as if we had lost Jack too.


2. Randall & William’s Trip to Memphis

Tear-jerking moments don’t always have to be super sad… take the Memphis trip for example. Watching William and Randall really bond was heartwarming, touched by a tinge of sadness. We see the love they have for each other as family, but the feels really come when we realize that this may be one of the last times they have together. William’s death is impending which makes the great moments in Memphis even sweeter; I know I shed a happy tear or two watching William jam on that piano.


3. Kate’s Baby Struggle 

Each character in the show has gone through rough times, and Kate’s struggles with fertility were really hard to watch. We see her keep encountering obstacle after obstacle, and begin to get frustrated with her. It was so hard to watch her lash out at those around her because it was understandable, relatable, and harsh at the same time. Even though this storyline was tearful, for the characters and the audience, there’s still hope! Kate and Toby’s quest to start a family isn’t over yet.


4. Kevin’s Addiction 

Watching Kevin, the seemingly perfect child, struggle with addiction was unexpected and heart-wrenching. It was especially hard to watch him spiral while no one around him noticed. I kept wanting to shout at the TV, to yell at Sophie, his Mom, and his siblings to just wake up and notice him. We all, no doubt, teared up when he sank onto the ground alone, crying out for help when no one could hear him. But, his story isn’t finished yet either; his time in rehab seems to have made an impact!


5. Rebecca’s Grief 

Mandy Moore is just incredible. Her moments of grief for Jack were unlike any other performance I’ve ever seen. I was already crying during the funeral, but the arrival of Jack and Rebecca’s obstetrician made me lose it. In her time of need, she felt unable to keep going. When Jack couldn’t be there, someone who once provided her husband with advice stepped in and consoled her. Rebecca’s strength for her children was admirable, but the tears really came down when she was vulnerable and needed Dr. Katowski to guide her.


This Is Us is one of the best TV shows I’ve seen in such a long time, so much so that I don’t even mind crying and ruining my makeup every time I watch an episode. Hope you enjoyed reminiscing about some of the most tender moments of the show, or maybe you have some other tearful points that weren’t featured. Either way, the Pearsons are on NBC every Tuesday night at 9 pm, so… bring on the feels.


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