The Top 5 Netflix Movies You Need To Watch

Netflix has been crushing it lately with their original TV shows and movies. It seems like every month there’s something new to watch. If you’re struggling to find a Netflix original movie to watch, here are 5 of my favorite options. Some you’ve probably seen, but I hope there’s one or two on here that you’ve never thought about watching!

1. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Yes, this is an obvious choice, but wow, I just love this movie so much. I’m sure 85% of it is because of Noah Centineo (who is probably the dreamiest guy on the planet as of right now) but, aside from him, this movie made me laugh out loud, and it’s just a really cute story about families, love, and being in high school.

2. Amanda Knox

This is the movie I’m hoping surprises you. I’m sure everyone’s heard of Amanda Knox and her story (if you haven’t, she was accused of killing her Italian roommate around 10 years ago). This is a documentary where she talks about her side of the story, the trial, and her life now. I was totally fascinated by this movie and it’s an extremely well-done documentary.

3. 13th

Almost everyone at my high school has probably seen this movie, and for good reason. Another documentary, this one is a lot more raw and powerful, because the issues talked about in this film are still relevant today. It’s named after the 13th amendment, which freed slaves and prohibited slavery with the exception of slavery as punishment for a crime. The movie focuses on mass-incarceration and the injustices that occur in prisons every single day. It’s incredibly powerful and thought-provoking.

4. The Kissing Booth

Now, for another light-hearted movie! I watched The Kissing Booth in the library with my best friend during one of my many free periods senior year. We were harshly judged until literally everyone started watching it too. Again, I’m definitely biased because Jacob Elordi, one of the stars, is a dreamboat, but this movie is also so funny and cute. It’s a bit corny but it’s the perfect chick-flick rom-com.

5. Gaga: Five Foot Two

Can you tell I like documentaries? I watched Demi Lovato’s documentary on YouTube (which, by the way, you should ABSOLUTELY watch because it’s amazing!!) and loved it so much that I wanted to watch other celebrity documentaries. Lady Gaga has gone through such a transformation as an artist over the past decade or so, from a crazy costume wearing singer to a soulful artist. This documentary shows her in a different light; as a woman who struggles with fibromyalgia, but also as a singer taking so much care into producing her newest album, Joanne, and takes a look back at her journey as an artist.

I hope you love some of these Netflix movies as much as I do!



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