Top 5 Favorite Valentine’s Day Candy

Just four months after that other October candy-eating holiday, Valentine’s Day is upon us! Whether you’re single or in a relationship, it’s almost impossible to ignore the thousands of store aisles packed with chocolate and candy - just begging you to indulge. Just in time, here’s a ranking of your top 5 V-day favorites! So skip the healthy snacks for a day, head to one of those store aisles and stock up! Because let’s face it - this much candy eating just isn’t normal again until Halloween!

5.  Assorted Boxed Chocolate

While delicious, it’s always risky biting into one of the many chocolates inside that heart-shaped box! Could be the best thing you’ve ever tasted or one bite could send you to the trash bin!

4. Customized V-day M&Ms

Little, fun, cute and customized by you or your significant other, V-day M&Ms make the perfect snack. Only problem is, they’re so little and cute you end up eating the whole bag way too fast…

3. Dove Chocolate Hearts

Dove Chocolate Hearts give you that little extra fanciness that you deserve out of your V-day chocolate! Plus the foils have cute encouraging messages inside. Best part is, there are lots of options besides plain old milk chocolate!

2. Candy Hearts

Everyone’s favorite! The classic confection hearts send you right back to those elementary school days!

1. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Okay, so technically our number 1 isn’t really a candy but let’s be honest they’re covered in chocolate, they make you feel fancy, they always look beautiful and they’re 10 times more delicious than that Hershey’s bar! Plus a strawberry is a fruit so they’re kind of healthy...right

Happy Valentine's Day Collegiettes!