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The Top 5 Campus Hotspots

If you’re new to BU, you probably think that all the perks of this school are just better than you had anticipated, given all the construction this past summer. No, we did not have Pinkberry last year or Marciano Commons on 100 Bay State Road. Even if you’re not new to BU, we can generally agree that all the construction is for the better (though I am still a bit sad about Towers’ dining hall closing).

Still, BU is a pretty big school located on a pretty busy street. You may find yourself going to the same spots on campus, fighting a gut feeling that there’s more to explore. And you’re right.

There’s always more to learn about BU, as you’ll figure out soon enough. For now, here are my favorite hotspots on campus, and why you should check them out ASAP.

1) Center for Career Development and the Educational Resource Center, aka CCD and ERC: Now, I will preface this description with the disclaimer that I am a student ambassador for these two centers this year, but wait! There’s clearly good reason (so don’t stop reading)! Before Marciano Commons was built this summer, the CCD and ERC were almost on opposite sides of campus (East and Central, respectively). Now, they’re on the top two floors of this gorgeous new building, and let me just say, if anything, just visit the CCD for the fantastic view of the Charles River. Of course, once you realize how beneficial they can be in helping you land an internship and succeeding in school, you will want to stay and return…often. Seriously. Anything you need help on in terms of your schoolwork and subsequent career goals, visit the CCD/ERC. You will fall in love.

2) BU Central: I have no shame when it comes to admitting just how many times I’ve been to this underground weekend-event venue last year. BU Central hosts great concerts, comedy shows, socials and more. It’s a great place to hang out, despite the fact that it’s “underground” (it’s really just the lower level of the GSU). Every third Thursday of the month, in fact, BU Central hosts BU For Show, a great open-mic event open to the BU community. Like to sing? Play guitar? Tell jokes? Play the accordion? (Seriously, this guy plays the accordion at these shows, and it’s pretty interesting.) Just go sign up for your slot the night of, and show what you’ve been working on during your time off all that schoolwork. Then just sit back and relax.

3) SMG Pardee Library: [Insert pun on its name here.] Now, everyone I’ve talked to about revealing this “hotspot” tells me not to – because it’s that good, and they don’t want this hidden gem to be ruined. But I’m taking the risk, because I genuinely feel that the Pardee Library on the third floor of SMG is the best place to get some real work done – at least for me. Compared to the popular Mugar Library, Pardee remains pretty clean and its desks and carrels are roomy and (generally) not written on. Once you visit, you’ll fall in love – just like with the CCD/ERC!

4) FitRec: I know some people who have barely visited this state-of-the-art gym. Yeah, I don’t understand it, either. I love the FitRec, and I took advantage of its fun and helpful PDP classes my very first semester here. Even if you’re a senior now, if you haven’t taken a PDP yet, please do. Yes, they fill up fast, but they take some of the stress of school off your shoulders, and it can actually be fun. Whether you like to dance, play court sports or just like to learn how to weight lift and improve your cardio, the FitRec offers it all. Plus, treat yourself to one of its delicious smoothies after your workout!

5) Pinkberry: BU loves froyo! Actually, everyone does now. But now that the GSU has Pinkberry, we can also safely assume BU adores froyo. It pretty much became a campus hotspot before it was even built, according to reaction tweets this past summer. I can see it now – students grabbing their late-night froyo fix before slumming it to Mugar. Oh, and our dining points will plummet terribly, but it’s OK. Froyo is worth it.

Rep photo by Pam Lau for BU Today. Text photo by BU Dining Services.

A student journalist at Boston University, Sonia Su has been writing for HCBU since fall 2011. This past summer, she was one of 22 collegiate correspondents for USA TODAY College, a national site for high school and college students. Sonia also interned for BostInno, a news startup in Boston. She hopes to learn more about tech and the start-up world. To see all of Sonia's Her Campus posts and more of her work, please check out her personal website.Follow Sonia on Twitter and Pinterest!
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