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As I was scrolling along my TikTok feed, a specific product’s messaging caught my eye:

“Built-in padding! No bra needed.”

Is this what I’d been dreaming of? Was this the answer to my ever-constant battle with strapless bras falling down or peeking out and ruining my outfits?

Klassy Network is a clothing company founded by Natalie Rogers, whose goal is “bringing comfort and style together by designing classic necklines and fashionable staples with our signature built-in padding.” They offer crop tops, full-length shirts, and dresses, all with “built-in bras” included in the piece. With prices ranging from $39 to $68, the company’s cost range is similar to American Eagle and Urban Outfitters. Not dirt cheap, but the tops could be decent investment pieces. Let’s get into it. 

My Thoughts

I ordered the Henley Long Sleeve Bramisuit, a simple black bodysuit with a deeper-scoop-neck style. My first observation was how smooth the inside was, compared with the ribbed material on the outer layer. The medium size fit just right, but that choice was in consultation with the reviews that noted the shirt ran a bit small. If you’re between sizes, I would size up.

The look itself was an amazing everyday style. The Henley shirt lends well to layering and isn’t overly warm by itself. This versatile product made my $45 money well spent. The “built-in bra” feature shirt was especially convenient with the low-cut style, as I didn’t have to constantly check if there was a bra slipping or showing. 

The padding itself is quite sturdy and even a bit larger than I was expecting. However, it was helpful to keep the padding secure in the enclosure they are in. They are removable if you need to change sizes or want to take the pads out when washing the shirt; I find it’s usually easier to keep the whole ensemble together since it dries fine with them in the shirt as well.

My only concern was with the overall fabric of the shirt. After a few washes and wears, the tight fabric seemed to lose some elasticity. It’s since been pretty stable, but it is definitely something to watch out for.

My good experience with the Henley shirt led me to order the Resort Brami, a style more suited to special events or casual summer days, paired with a long skirt. The flowing resort brami was just as flattering and smooth as the last shirt. The padding size that came with the shift felt a tad large, but with the right tying in front, I was able to get around this issue. Compared to the Henley bodysuit, I saw more use in the braless function of this ultra-cropped top that I would struggle to style with any type of bra if it had not had the padding. 

If you’re looking for a quality investment piece or want to play around with plunging or backless styles, this is the right brand for you!

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Amanda Buettner is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences at BU. She is studying history and French, and in her free time she loves to be active and find new bubble tea spots.