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I can’t believe the school year started almost two months ago! As the leaves change color and the weather gets colder in Boston, I feel like snuggling up in bed. If you are feeling the same as me, I have you covered!

Here are three classic, long-series TV shows that are worth watching (or rewatching) this fall. They’re long enough to last you multiple weekends and are great if you’re looking for a show with sequels you don’t need to wait for!

Gossip Girl (Six Seasons)

Gossip Girl is a six-season classic that is worth your time and energy. Enjoy this show’s beautiful couture and timeless fashion styles using Max (formerly HBO Max).

If you have watched Gossip Girl before, consider rewatching it, as you’re sure to notice details you missed the first time around. If you are new to the show, then welcome to the Upper East Side!

Savannah Lee Smith and Jordan Alexander on Gossip Girl
Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max
Desperate Housewives (eight seasons)

Desperate Housewives is another classic that will entertain you during the school year. The show takes a peek at middle-class suburban families and their drama.

If you are looking to binge-watch drama between beautiful middle-aged women, this is your show. Desperate Housewives brings out the unspoken drama in the families, and you get to have an omniscient perspective on all of them.

Killing Eve (four seasons)

Killing Eve is a newer spy/thriller show that focuses on the relationship between detective/agent Eve and serial killer Villanelle. These two starring women are attracted to each other despite their conflicting roles in the show.

If you are looking for some thrilling, exciting content to binge-watch over the weekend, pick this series!

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