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Things You Should Be Doing Over Spring Break

The semester is halfway gone, and whether you feel like you barely had any class due to the snow or you’re drowning in work, there are some important ways you should be filling your time this Spring Break.

1)   Sleep, sleep, and more sleep!

If you’ve been running around writing papers, studying for exams, interning, working a part time job, or getting crazy involved on campus, now is the best time to catch up on some zzz’s. Even if you haven’t done any of those things, the second half of the semester is going to come in full force, so take advantage of those extra sleep hours while you can.

2)   Catch up on TV or a good book

It is socially acceptable, and frankly expected, to be lazy during Spring Break. Give your brain a rest and catch up on Scandal or get ready for summer and pick up a beach read.

3)   Start applying to summer jobs and internships

The free time you have during Spring Break is the perfect time to start looking into your plans for summer. Although it’s hard to believe that the best season of the year is just around the corner, application deadlines are approaching, and the best positions are filling up quick. Get a jump-start on updating your resume and cover letter and start applying!

4)    Lounging around somewhere that there is no snow (i.e. a beach or couch)

Spring Break means that winter is over, so revel in the fact that your couch or beach chair isn’t surrounded by snow. Those nice thoughts will help you get through finals week come May.

5)   “Treat yo self”

It is Spring Break after all. Whether you are going somewhere warm and tropical or taking up residence in your parent’s basement, take this week to indulge. After midterms and weeks of battling Boston weather, you deserve it!

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