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The Things I’ve Learned From My Little Sister

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

To commemorate the long weekend and seek adventure outside her Southern suburbian social sphere, my little sister hopped on a plane in Atlanta, Georgia with a dream and her denim jacket in tow, ready to take on the world. The four days she graced the air mattress crammed in my (I’ll be real here) disaster of a dorm room were a whirlwind. After a great weekend and many tears shed at the airport while watching her leave, I sat and thought about how lucky I have been. She may be young, sweet, and only seventeen, but I’ve learned a lot from living life with my built-in best friend.

It’s all about patience (teamwork makes the dream work).

It sounds cheesy, but it’s completely true. She was born with a whole lot of patience, while I was not. Sharing a bathroom and a life with Addy for 18 years taught me that sometimes you just need to take a second to breathe.

Yes, she calls my car, “her car” — (it’s my car.)

Yeah, she knocks everything over within a ten-foot radius.

But, she’s also my sister.


No, we were never perfect, and for years I was definitely the Elsa role telling Anna to leave me alone; but, in the end, listening to one another and working together made us both stronger people. 

Being honest and real isn’t the same as being mean.

I’ve always been brutally honest. I’ve had to watch my tongue since the beginning of time, and even then, sometimes I just let things slip. But having another person who loves you regardless of what you say to them, who will take in what you say and think about it, has taught me that sometimes honesty really is the best policy.

Was I mad when she cut my favorite shirt that she stole from my closet into a crooked-edged crop top? Oooooh, yes. Did I yell at her? No. Did I explain why it was upsetting? Yes. 

This one rolls right with patience — she’s taught me that I’m not mean just because I tell someone how I feel. She’s taught me to manage frustration and grow past difficulties.

Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Stop caring about what other people think! Having your little sister as a best friend is so much fun. Do it! If you’re still the “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman” Elsa role like I was, fix it. I can’t stress this enough.

There’s nothing better than going on spontaneous adventures with someone who has been through life with you, who has experienced and lived with the same crazy family and loves the same angel dog. A sister is a person who will learn Ross and Monica’s New Year’s Eve party dance with you (jump and all) and go film it in Walmart. She’s also the person that will sit and have deep conversations with you about everything that’s happening in your family. She’ll even back you up in the annual Thanksgiving dinner debate!

I’ve learned more than just the above, but after this past weekend, I felt as though it was something to be passed along. My little sister will always be the Elsa to my Anna (our blonde and red hair, our personalities, our Swedish family… it all lines up too much!)

Love your little sister(s). They’ll bring so much more joy than you ever thought, and if you fight for your friendship, they’ll fight for you (no matter what).

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Elly is a Sophomore in the College of Communications studying Advertising, but would also like to minor with Marine Sciences. She loves the beach, anything having to do with the ocean, and thinks everyone should work to make the world a little better than it was when we got here.