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Things to Do on a Rainy Day

It is now officially Spring, and that means one thing—the weather is as temperamental as ever. Instead of staying cooped up in your dorm room when it rains, why not use your free time to explore more of Boston? Here are some ideas to help you do just that.


Appreciate Boston’s Museums

Boston is filled with museums and rainy (or snowy) days are the perfect time to explore them. Many of the art museums, including the MFA and Isabella Stewart Gardner, are free for college students everyday. Others have certain timeframes that void admission prices, such as ICA’s Free Thursday Nights. After taking pictures for Instagram, you and your friends can head over to the in-house cafes and wait out the weather while enjoying coffee and free wifi.


Go to the movies

Upgrade your cinema viewing experience by visiting something other than the Regal at Fenway. Check out a larger-than-life IMAX screen at the Loew’s Theatre on Boylston for action and horror flicks that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you are more of an admirer of independent films, head to Coolidge Corner to enjoy the latest films in a venue that is much more opulent than your average movie theatre experience. 


Hit up the hub

One thing that I have learned while exploring the city is that you can spend infinite amounts of time within Prudential Center. Grab your squad and spend a rainy day wandering the maze of the Prudential. Go to Neiman Marcus and try on outfits that you dream about, grab some food, spend way too much time and money at Sephora, and end the day with an indulgent dessert date with your friends at the Top of the Hub.  


Free yourself from FitRec

Are you tired of an overcrowded gym and want to beat the rainy day blues? Check out the wide array of exercise classes available outside of the Comm Ave bubble. There is something for everyone: Barre classes in Harvard Square and Brookline, SoulCycle in Back Bay, Barry’s Bootcamp in Downtown Crossing and countless independent yoga studios in Brookline. Before you put your leggings and sports bra on, call the fitness center of your choice and inquire about student discounts, first time discounts or any other specials they may be having at that time.  


Whatever you decide to do, make the most of the situation!



I am an Atlanta-raised writer living in Boston. I have had a fixation with magazines, pop culture and styling my whole life.
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