These Relatable Tweets About Thanksgiving Break Are Too Real

Here are some relatable tweets about the shortest, most needed break of the year! The pre-thanksgiving vibes, dinner table vibes, hometown vibes, and the gloomy back to school vibes. Check out a few of my favorites: 

1. When you only get a five-day break because your professor thinks Calc is more important than your moms cooking<<<


2. I mean, you gotta go to all your hometown faves, right??

3. Thank you, next.

4. Shoutout to the vegetarians and carb lovers out there!

5. Retweet, sister.


6.  Who were we kidding? Ourselves probably.

7. I am ready for ugly Christmas sweaters and Michael Buble.


8. We got this ladies! It is time to rock finals!

These relatable tweets captured all the pre and post thanksgiving vibes! 


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