These Must-Have Boston Dishes Will Satisfy You—and Keep Your Wallet Happy

You don’t need to go to a five-star restaurant or travel to some exotic city to get quality food. Sometimes, the best dishes are in a food truck. I make it a habit to try a new restaurant every week, but sometimes, I come across a restaurant whose dishes I just can’t resist and end up repeating. Here are the dishes near the Boston University campus I can’t get enough of:

Correanos – Correanos Bowl with Beef

Right in the heart of Allston and just walking distance from campus is the restaurant Correanos. This restaurant offers delicious Korean—Mexican fusion dishes in quite a small space. The lack of seating may bother you, but the food most definitely will not. My favorite is the Correanos Bowl with beef. The sauces and ingredients of this dish are made in house to ensure maximum quality and freshness. Every time I order this bowl, the consistency and taste are always up to par. If you in West campus, beware because this restaurant may become of one your regulars.

Flour Bakery + Café – Applewood Smoked Bacon Sandwich

Flour is a cozy bakery and café with nine locations all around the city. Funny enough, my favorite part about Flour is actually, their flour. Their focaccia bread in my go-to dish, Applewood Smoked Bacon sandwich, has to be the best bread I’ve ever tasted. The delectable sandwich is filled with arugula, tomato, mayo, and balsamic vinaigrette. They have, without a doubt, perfected the traditional BLT.

GreCo – Classic Lamb Gyro with Tzatziki sauce

GreCo is a modern take on traditional Greek food with honest and local ingredients. It’s situated on Newbury Street—just a fifteen minute walk from those who live in East campus. Biting into this classic lamb gyro filled with slow-roasted organic meat, tomato jam, deliciously seasoned fries, onions, and tzatziki sauce is an experience you won’t forget. These are unique Greek flavors you can’t get anywhere else in Boston.

Cornish Pasty – Tomato Soup

My favorite tomato soup used to the one they sold at the George Sherman Union, here on campus. That is, until I came to Cornish Pasty. Cornish Pasty is a relaxed English pub and restaurant that specializes in pasties—a dish traditionally eaten by miners in Cornwall (Southwest England). They also happen to make the best tomato soup in the world. This soup, without question, will melt your heart and soul. It’s an inviting orange soup that is luxuriously smooth with just the right amount of tomato tang.

Hokkaido Santouka Ramen – Tonkotsu Shio Ramen

Santouka is a hole-in-the-wall, but you can’t miss it because there’s always a long line waiting outside. The location closest to campus in Back Bay isn’t too far from the Prudential Center. It’s a famous Japanese chain best known for its savory ramen dishes. The Tonkotsu Shio Ramen, with an incredibly flavorful and robust broth, is their signature ramen dish. This ramen bar is the benchmark for great ramen in the city.

These dishes are incredibly flavorful, fresh, and won’t break the bank, so I think everyone should try them before graduating BU or any college in the Boston area. Being a student doesn’t mean we always have to eat in the cafeteria. Sometimes it’s nice to indulge in the incredible food Boston has to offer!


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