Terrier Gear Not Available at the BU Book Store

Shopping on Newbury and online, I frequently discover adorable scarlet colored treasures adorned with Boston Terriers. Although they are not “officially” Rhett, these items are adorable additions to a proud BU girl's room. Here I have compiled a list of items that will brighten your room and show off your BU pride.

1) Terrier Mug: This mug is so cute with an adorable Rhett face and a heart.

2) Sweatshirt: This sweatshirt from Esty proves all dogs look cuter with bow ties.

3) Poster: Take the Keep Calm and Carry On poster trend to the next level by incorporating your Terrier Pride.

4) Pillow: This pillow is a great way to show your love for BU.

5) Chevron Necklace: Chevron is fun and trendy, and the terrier makes it more personal.