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Suzie’s Favorites: Geometry Tea Towels

When I was home this past summer, my mom had Geometry Tea Towels in our kitchen, and after drying my hands with them once, I wanted to know more about them! I was so intrigued by these towels because they absorb more water and dry faster than any other towels I’ve ever used. They don’t get that damp feeling after a couple of uses that most towels do, so I got some for my dorm after using them at my house. It seems kind of silly to be writing about tea towels, but these really are the best!

Geometry Tea Towels are great for drying hands, cleaning spills, drying dishes, and wiping down surfaces. I love and use the Tea Towels, but Geometry also has other products that I’m sure work just as well. Their lineup includes Mini Towels, Washcloths, Dinner Napkins, and Not Paper Towels. 

Geometry was founded by brothers Matt and Jason Gutierrez, who launched the brand in fall 2019. Their towels use Geoweave™ fabric, which allows them to clean with fewer chemicals and is why they are so absorbent and fast-drying. Not only do Geometry towels work well, but they also come in hundreds of cute patterns and prints. It’s so fun to look through all of the towel designs on their website, but if it gets overwhelming, you can sort by color, product category, collection, and artist. 

My favorite thing about Geometry’s towels is that they are made out of recycled plastic bottles! Geometry is a sustainable brand — all of their products are made out of post-consumer materials, which allows them to reduce waste and conserve water in the manufacturing process. According to Geometry’s website, a single Tea Towel is made out of 3.5 recycled plastic bottles, a Washcloth Set is made from two recycled plastic bottles, and one Mini Towel is also made of two recycled plastic bottles. 

Geometry says, “We believe that good design and performance should go hand-in-hand with sustainability.” Ditto to that! 

Geometry recently added a Holiday Collection that has a lot of fun and cute holiday-themed towels, so if you’re in need of a gift for someone you think would like these towels, these are a great gift idea! Or, if you want to gift yourself one of these towels, you can find all of Geometry’s products here

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Suzanne Crow is a junior journalism major and American studies minor from Lubbock, Texas. In addition to being a writer and editor for Her Campus, Suzanne is a COM Ambassador, a Sigma Kappa, a radio show host for "Ladies of History" on WTBU, a writer for Off The Cuff, and a member of and social media manager for BU on Tap.
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