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Spring Guide: Where to Find the Perfect Summer Dress

March 20th marked the official beginning of spring, and Boston has been seeing a change in moods, a change in foliage, and most of all, a change in dressing! With the sun shining high, and following the Spring 2012 trends, read this great summer dress guide that will keep you on trend and cool on warm days.
1.     Neon

Neon is huge this spring, in all colors, especially that eccentric green. There is no better way to try out neon in other ways than day-glow attire, than in this perfect spring dress from H&M. 

2.     Pastel
Pastels truly are perfect for warm weather. They are light, don’t attract heat and make you look blend in with all the pretty flowers and foliage blossoming. This great dress from Tibi also includes a hot trend, Peplum, so you can knock out two trends in one dress.

3.     Tribal
Tribal was huge this year on the runway. This edgy dress is a perfect combination of a print that doesn’t look too busy.

4.     Floral  
What better way to celebrate the flowers blossoming than with wearing them right on your body. While it may be difficult to wear real flowers, this dress is the next best thing.

5.     Shift dress
Think Great Gatsby plus ease, and you get the perfect shift dress. It’s like a flapper dress minus the sequins but just as eloquent and perfect for warm spring days.

6.     Sporty
The last big trend of the season was athletic inspired dresses. While this grey t-shirt may seem plain, it’s the perfect base to accessorize with, layer with and truly show your individual style.

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