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Spring Break Is Over…So Now What?

You have returned from your Tropical Island vacation. The pale sand, crystal blue waters, scent of sunscreen with a dash of coconut have turned to the (hopefully) unfreezing Charles River, the uneven brick sidewalks shifted by frozen ground, and the sound of the T honking its horn at the passengers standing on the yellow line. Or maybe you were not even some place warm, getting your tan on, but rather at home, where the food is free, you have no commitments taking you out of bed, and Netflix was your best friend. Either way, sorry to inform you, but its all over and the final stretch of schooling before summer has commenced. Luckily for some, midterms were not affected by the pre-spring break snow days. Others though, not so lucky, are now forced to endure the textbooks, notecards for exams and Microsoft word for those midterm papers, that thanks to mother nature, are now post mid-term time papers! But have no fear because springtime in Boston is (sort of) here! If you just can’t beat the slump of no more vacation just yet, then take a look below at some of the amazing things that you can do post spring break.

1.     Eat! ALL the foods.

Remember when you didn’t want to go for that second slice at T Anthony’s or that really good looking scone in the Starbucks glass case of pastries calling your name, because well SPRING BREAK BIKINI?!? Well now, your hard work is over, you snapped the good pics and posted the best instagrams, so now, eat like its no body’s business, because lets face it in about a month you’ll start getting ready for the “summer bikini bod” so why not let it all go just for a short while? You deserve it.

2.     Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

It’s not your fault that the last day of spring break fell on the day of Boston’s St. Patty’s day parade! If you miss the chance to attend the parade that doesn’t mean you can’t get your green on, paint some four-leaf clovers on your face, and dabble in way too much Irish soda bread. St. Patty’s Day is Tuesday March 17th meaning the celebrations will most likely go on all week into the first weekend back at school. So put yourself back into a celebratory mood and enjoy the Luck O’ the Irish!

3.     Re-Visit That Place Called Newbury Street

Now that the weather is warming up-ish and the winter slump is slowly melting away, it is time once again to talk long strolls, window shop, or real shop, take a visit to all the new stores that suddenly appeared when you were hibernating during the winter months. Check out the new Shake Shack (seriously do it and get a burger AND the shake). Newbury has a way of making one feel like they have no commitments other then to walk straight down, what seems like a never-ending cobblestone sidewalk, and think about all the wonderful things that spring will bring for you.

4. Make Brunch Plans

Boston is one those places that seems to have a new place to eat every day. And those of us here at Boston University that know a thing or two about the brunching life, will now be out and about in the fresh spring sun to explore all the newest breweries, bakeries, and farm to table omelet stops. Take weekend trips not only for the envious Instagram but also for the warmth of delicious Boston brunch on a spring weekend. Grab the girls you didn’t see for A WHOLE WEEK and head in the North End, South End, Beacon Hill or even in Allston for the latest, trendiest brunch where everyone can share their best spring break laughs.

5.     Find A Work Out

Yes, this may seem contradictory to my above suggestion of eating whatever you want but hear me out. Though there is not much time left in the school year, spring in Boston is just getting started. New places for yoga, spin, barre, and any other forms of exercise you could think of are popping up all over the city, and most are always looking for college age kids to come in and leave satisfied enough to tell all their friends about it. So much so that some places will offer free new member classes or week packages at student discount. Or maybe even Fit Rec has a class you could do for free. What better way to get out of your post spring break slump then finding a new fun work out YOU ACTUALLY LIKE. Find a fun Zumba class to get your groove on, or go punch a giant bag to release some mid-term tension, whatever floats your boat! Find a new way to love your work out and have a blast doing it. Then go have that scone! 

Samantha is a junior Broadcast Journalism major in the College of Communication at Boston University. She is the celebrity news anchor on Good Morning BU on BUTV 10. The campus Manager for University Tees and the current Vice President of Recruitment for sorority. She firmly believes that not all who wonder are lost, the ability of food to fuel the soul.
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