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Spring break is one of many things we college students look forward to once winter breaks end. Some of us plan months in advance, while others simply go home to relax and recharge. I went on a much-needed vacation. However, instead of going someplace tropical and warm…I WENT TO LONDON.

London is one of my FAVORITE places in the world. In fact, I would eventually like to live there. Something about the British culture, history, and humor mixed with London’s diversity, style, and creativity really attracts me. So without further ado, here are some of the things I did (and recommend doing) in London.

1. Eat like there’s no tomorrow.

In London, I ate… and I mean ATE. I went to restaurants, markets, afternoon tea, and cafes. You name it, I was there. In fact, most of my money I saved up for the trip was used on food. It was slightly unintentional. Before I left for London, I planned on buying clothes or fun things that I could take home. However, the food was so good that my friends and I just spent our money on food. Some restaurants we loved include Golden Union, Unico Gelato and Caffe, Dishoom, Sketch, Bone Daddies, BAO, and Padella.

2. Visit some fun sights.

This goes without saying. London is filled with so much history and culture that there is always something to see. You can visit historical sights like Buckingham Palace or the Tower of London, however, I recommend visiting the many markets throughout the city. Not only will you be exploring different areas of London, but you will be interacting with locals as well! I visited Portobello Market, Camden Market, Borough Market, and Old Spitalfields Market.

3. Enjoy the city at night!

London is beautiful at night. Not only are there many clubs, bars, and pubs throughout the city, but it is also beautifully lit and alive. Each different form of nightlife gives you a different taste of London nightlife. Personally, I prefer the nightlife in Shoreditch. But there’s something for everyone!

4. Take a day trip.

This was one of my favorite parts of my entire Spring break trip. My friends and I took a day trip to Brighton, which is a coastal city. We took a train ride from the London Bridge station and were able to get to Brighton in about an hour. While there, we visited the Royal Pavilion (which is the only royal palace owned by a city), the Brighton Pier, Gunns Flower shop, and Lucky Beach Restaurant. It was a great little day trip and change in pace!


Get lost in the city. Have a sense of direction and plan, but explore London! Soak in its atmosphere. Walk or bike through its many parks, like Hyde Park or Regent’s Park. Take the tube or bus. Just explore, explore, explore. If you need a little help navigating the city, download Citymapper! It’s a great app that helps you get around town!

I had an amazing time in London! It wasn’t your stereotypical Spring break (many people told us it seemed like a “civilized” Spring break when we told them we were just visiting), but it sure was the break I needed. So if you ever get the opportunity to visit the city of London, soak it in and enjoy it!


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Mikaela is a sophomore in Boston University's College of Communication. Her major is advertising and has an focus in Spanish. Mikaela likes avocado toast, hot chocolate more than coffee, and dogs. Her passions include fashion, watching movies, and eating yummy food. 
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