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Spring 2012 Trends

Even though spring may seem far away, stores are filling with the latest trends for spring. Just because it’s still a little chilly out doesn’t mean you can’t start wearing some of these trends with your winter wardrobe!
1. The Peplum:
Now if you don’t know what a peplum is it’s pretty much a fancy word for a ruffle-like piece of fabric that comes off at the hips. There are peplum skirts, dresses, and even shirts. 
This trend is very fashion forward and modern but there are much more subtle peplum skirt than this exaggerated orange skirt if you’re not sold on this trend just yet! (ASOS, $97)
2. Color-Blocking with Bold Colors:

Color-blocking is one of the easiest and timeless trends this spring! 

As long as you don’t look like a walking rainbow you’re good to go.
This is also a great way to mix neon pieces into your outfit.
(UO, $58; Aldo, $50)
3. Pastels:
Besides all the neon, pastels were huge on the runway! Pastel blues, yellows, greens and pinks on feminine silhouettes.
You can also go out of the box and try pastel jeans.
(Zara, $99)
4. Bold Prints:
Basically any print goes.
Some prints on the runway were futuristic/ graphic prints and also animal print (no not leopard) like bird/cat prints.
(ASOS, $44)

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