Splurge & Save: Travel Edition

It’s another week, and another edition of Splurge & Save! Winter break is fast approaching and many of you Her Campus readers are starting to think about your dream vacation destination. Here are some tips to help you budget and have an amazing, carefree trip as a result.


1.Transportation: Splurge

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This one is kind of self explanatory; transportation prices aren’t super negotiable simply because of their nature. However, sometimes you can find a good deal on a discount website! My best tip, though, is to buy your plane or bus tickets way in advance. Prices increase the closer you get to the date so if you are trying to save money in this category, plan ahead!


2. Food: Splurge & Save

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Here’s the thing, when you travel somewhere new and exciting, you undoubtedly want to try some of the native cuisine. However, eating out for every meal will guarantee that you have no money for anything else if you're on a budget. My suggestion is to pick up a few staple items from a grocery store to keep in your Airbnb or hotel room right when you get to your destination. Then, plan one or two meals that you will eat out and make reservations!


3. Site Seeing: Splurge & Save

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Similarly to transportation costs, a lot of tourist attractions in major cities cost a lot of money. Although you sometimes can get a discount if you're a student, it’s not reliable, so it’s important to find another way to save. I recommend picking a few major attractions that you really want to see, buying tickets (in advance of course!), and then finding other, smaller destinations that will give you a greater taste of local culture (and save you money!).


4. Shopping: Splurge

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Stores and malls may not be your typical, guidebook tourist spot, but they sure as heck could be. The next best thing (besides photos) to commemorate your trip is souvenirs. I’m a sucker for foreign items and it’s always great to have a little piece of your vacation when you arrive back home. Plus, it gives your items a greater sense of intrigue and value when you know you can’t necessarily get the same things back home.


5. Accomodations: Save

Photo Credit: Localization

Airbnb: the broke-but-adventurous college student’s life saver. Hotels in tourist hot spots are not cheap. You could be shelling out 100 dollars or more a night for a room, which will greatly decrease all your other areas of spending. That’s where Airbnb comes in. There are so many apartments for rent that aren’t super expensive and will give you a greater sense of the city/town your staying in. Even if it’s not the 5 star hotel/resort you were hoping for, in the end, it’s just a place to crash at night before the next day’s adventures.


Start planning your next trip now! There is no time like the present and I guarantee that you’ll save money by purchasing costly tickets in advance. Money may be important on a trip, but if you follow some of these tips, you won’t have to waste any valuable time worrying about costs when you should be out experiencing the world.


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