Songs to Make Your Morning Walk from West to East Campus Easier

Whether it is Monday or Friday, a morning is a morning. The walk to East Campus only gets harder throughout the week, let alone the semester. Listening to the same old songs every day doesn’t help either. So here is a list of the best 12 motivating songs for this week’s walk!


1.) Quiet Your Mind by the Zac Brown Band

As you start your journey for the day, remember to breathe! You have a long day ahead, so take a few minutes to remind yourself how lucky you are to have so many opportunities in front of you. Clear your mind and smell the fresh air of Boston as you strut down Commonwealth Avenue!


2.) Sunset Lover by Petit Biscuit

Country not your thing? What about just a good rhythm. This song helps block out the chaos that is Comm Ave, making you feel as if every day is Friday. This electronic song takes a different twist on the electronic vibes, slowing everything down to single notes to create a beat best for walking.  


3.) I Like Me Better by Lauv

I get it, not everyone is into instrumentals. Most people can enjoy a good pop song though. Lauv’s song "I Like Me Better" came out this past May and isn’t all too mainstream. I swear the best songs are hidden gems that don’t get radio time. This song will just put a smile on your face in the early mornings of any season. Personally, this song coupled with a comfy sweater and the crisp air of fall sounds magical.


4.) Romantic (NOTD remix) by Stanaj

A good dance remix is always a good way to start off a day as well. If you see a girl dancing her way past the GSU, it’s probably me listening to NOTD’s remix. Some love songs can get annoying, but this song turns everyone into a romantic. Give it a try; listening to someone falling in love might just put a pep in your step!


5.) Feel Good (feat. Daya) by Gryffin & Illenium

Another great dancing song is "Feel Good" featuring Daya. The title it’s self is telling you to Feel Good. This song has a summery vibe to it that has the capability to bring you back to your favorite summer memory, even if this song wasn’t playing during it.


6.) Wish You the Best (feat. Stalking Gia) by Blackbear

If you’re into R&B and Soul, Blackbear has to already be in your playlist. If he isn’t, go listen to "Wish You the Best." This song is all about realizing that you don’t need someone else to make you happy -- you make yourself happy. I hope this reminds you that all the people in your past are in your past for a reason and you are out here living your best life the best way you can.


7.) Mama (Feat. William Singe) by Jonas Blue

The best message to start your day off is to not stress so much. College is tough, but you are tougher. Jonas Blue does a great job relating this message; enjoy your life right now, enjoy the morning walks. Dance your way to class because we only get a finite number of college days!


8.) Cold Water (feat. Justin Bieber) by Major Lazer

2016 was a good year. Justin Bieber’s summer hit Cold Water made it a tad better. “Take a deep breath and let it go” is the line that should resonate in your mind from the beginning. It is only a matter of time till the small problems don’t bother you anymore. Listen to this song to let the little things go early in the morning.


9.) There’s Nothing Holding Me Back by Shawn Mendes

Be free! Do what you want! You’re in college! There isn’t anything holding you back (except maybe that big exam you have coming up on Friday)! Don’t worry about one bad grade, it won’t define who you are as a college student.


10.) Barcelona by Ed Sheeran

BARCELONA! Who doesn’t love the magical place we all wish we could visit just like the Cheetah girls did. Better yet, who doesn’t love the magical sound of Ed Sheeran’s voice. Ed has a song for every emotion and this one is perfect for getting you up and motivated for a day of classes.


11.) Kings and Queens (Throw it Up) by Somo

Want to take yourself back to those weekend memories? Somo always does a good job of that. FOMO get the best of you? Don’t worry, listen to this song and you’ll relive your best memories. A party vibe on a Tuesday might be exactly what you need… you never know unless you try.


12.) Good as Hell by Lizzo

This song speaks for itself, “I do my hair toss, check my nails, baby how you feelin’? Good as Hell!” If you need a pick me up this is the song to remind you of the bad ass independent women you really are. Boy problems? Listen to this song. Big test? Listen to this song. Don’t want to cry? Listen to this song. Need a song to finish your morning walk from West campus? Listen to this song!


As your class building comes into view, I hope this playlist helped make your morning walk a little bit more exciting! Have Apple Music? I already made the playlist for you here!