Some Things to Be Thankful For With Thanksgiving Coming Up

Happy early Thanksgiving! In honor of Turkey Day coming up this week, let’s take some time to reflect on little blessings coming our way because of this holiday.


1. Thanksgiving Break!

While some lucky schools get the entire week of Thanksgiving off for a fall break, at least BU has given us three extra days of reprieve. Even though some of us are going to be coming back to exams and papers, there are three whole days of not having to wake up early to catch the notorious BU bus to make it to class, or suffer through the cold while walking down Commonwealth Ave.


2. Family Reunions for Holiday Break

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One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving, besides all the wonderful food, is getting the chance to see family members I don’t normally see on a regular basis. We all gather together at someone’s house, and it’s like no time has passed since Christmas – the last time we all saw each other. Dinner starts anywhere from late afternoon to early evening, and we all end up going back to our respective homes content, and in a food-coma.

If you won’t physically be able to be with your family this year because of the distance, at least there’s FaceTime and video-chatting. Although it’s not the same as getting to hug your mom in person, it’s a little alternative to be thankful for.


3. Friends/“Friendsgiving”

One of the greatest traditions of millennial culture is Friendsgiving, often a replacement for those who can’t make it home to their families for Thanksgiving. This dinner is celebrated with our closest friends, the people we would consider to be our extended family. Even though the contributions may not be the same as mom’s homemade macaroni and cheese, the sentiment of spending the holidays with your best friends more than makes up for it.


4. Black Friday Shopping

One of the earliest memories I have of hearing about the tradition of Black Friday involved people literally getting trampled to death, trying to get the best deals at Walmart. Because of that, I’ve had my own reservations about Black Friday shopping, but even I cannot deny the great deals that come out of this. 

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One year, I was able to get a really good discount off of my first MacBook Pro. Another year, I spent the day at the mall with my favorite childhood friends getting Christmas presents and new school clothes. Because I’m a broke college student this year, I will not be financially committing to this tradition but here’s to hoping that one day, colleges might consider hopping on those Black Friday deals.


5. You.

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Celebrate yourself! You have almost made it to the end of a stressful semester and you should be proud of all you have accomplished. Even if you don’t feel like you did it well, you still did it and you deserve a whole lot of love this holiday season.


While being thankful for the friendships and relationships you have in your life, you should also appreciate your own resilience and growth as a person. Cheers to you, and all you have left to do!


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