Social Media, Playing it Cool, and Ghosting: Gen Z Dating Problems

In this new era of technology, dating seems to be more confusing than ever. Sometimes, it feels as if social media is slowly facilitating the demise of romance, chivalry, and infatuation. The use of Snapchat, dating apps, and texting has demolished one of the most important steps in forming a relationship: flirting. In the past, when cellphones didn’t exist —as hard as it is to imagine — people often met each other in person, formed a connection, and then things would eventually reach a romantic level. 

Today, however, you can see someone on social media that looks attractive to you, contact them, and not even meet each other in person. If you were to tell someone living 100 or even 50 years ago about this, they would think you were insane. How can you be interested in someone you haven’t even met? Social media has also removed a lot of the work that was once necessary to meet someone. It may sound easier to form a romantic relationship, but less effort means a decrease in emotional connection. Social media has transformed dating into a hookup culture with less mystery and allure.

Image Credit: Pexels

It’s so easy to see someone attractive on social media, message them, and make something happen that the emotional foundation falls to the wayside many times. Someone could be incredible, intelligent, and funny, but their social media isn’t aesthetically pleasing or they photograph poorly, meaning they aren’t given a chance. This new era of technology puts far too much emphasis on appearance in dating, when that should definitely not be the only factor that matters.

Yet, as negative as this new form of romance sounds, there are definitely positive aspects to dating in an era of technology. Remember that cute guy you saw in the coffee shop and thought you’d never see again? Well, thanks to social media, you can totally find him. Not only can he ask for your number, Snapchat, or Instagram to open up possibilities of meeting again, but you also can try to find him yourself and reach out. Years ago, you never would have been able to do this, and what could’ve turned into a great relationship would’ve instead been a few seconds of yearning in a coffee shop before never seeing him again.

Image Credit: Pexels

Dating in 2019 is drastically different than dating even 10 years ago. Although it sometimes seems as if social media has killed romance, luckily, it’s still alive and kicking. Screens may change the way we view things, but it’s the people behind them that maintain real human connection. What can I say? I have faith; I’m a hopeless romantic.


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