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The Six Different Types of Roommates You’ll Meet in College—Which One Are You?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

By Holly Kaneb

When transitioning back to school after a long, relaxing summer, it’s hard to adjust to living with your roommates. Let’s face it—even if you’re best friends with your roommates or hardly know them at all, we all have run into problems one way or another. After being back at school for a few weeks, I’ve learned to identify the different roles each roommate plays. 

The Neat One

This person can often be found picking up the remnants of leftover food in the common room or vacuuming the already stained carpet. This person knows how to decorate and make everything visually pleasing for guests. When people make a mess, they are the first to clean it up, even if it’s not their own making. 

The Studious One

This person usually has an extremely demanding major. You will rarely see this person except when they come out of their room for rare glimpses of light. They are always seen hunched over studying away in their room with the door closed. These individuals are serious, determined, and do not like to be disturbed. So when you go to knock on their door to be friendly, keep in mind they most likely will not join you for your 5:00 Soulcycle class.

The One Who Always Pulls an All-Nighter

You know this one. The person who’s always leaving their lights on all night long and keeping everyone up. This person has no bedtime. They go to bed when you wake up to start your day. When you’re brushing your teeth and climbing into bed, they’re just starting their homework. This person is nocturnal and takes frequent naps during the day. Let’s hope most of their classes aren’t 8:00 a.m.s!

The One Who’s Never Home

This roommate is almost never home. Whether they are working or at a friends’, you rarely see them except when they come in late at night after everyone is already asleep. No one ever knows where they actually go, but they are always busy. The best way to communicate with them is over text. Don’t bother trying to talk in person because you won’t catch them. They are usually adventurous with a go-getter attitude. 

The Stylish One

This individual always looks put together. They try on several outfits before choosing one and don’t leave the dorm without perfect makeup and a cute outfit for class. This roommate has good fashion sense and is dedicated to waking up early to put in the effort for the day. Many people like to borrow their clothes and they always have good fashion advice. 

The Messy One

This person loves to leave their stuff out in the open and waits until the last possible second to clean everything up. Their room looks like a tornado passed through, with clothes thrown and tossed all over the floor. Usually their roommate pushes them to clean up and they keep saying they will get around to it but never actually do. Although they can be messy, as long as they keep it off our side, we don’t mind!

You may be one specific type or a combination of all six. Either way, I’m sure we can all relate to one or all of these scenarios. Even though living with roommates can be challenging at times, at the end of the day we still love them. 


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Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.