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Simple Ways to Save Money in College

In college, spending money is mainly unavoidable, but saving money always seems a lot easier in theory than in practice. Even though it may seem impossible to save money, there are a lot of simple things you could implement in your day to day life to save money.


Be Mindful of How Much Money You’re Spending

It’s easy to just swipe your card and deliberately ignore how much your latte costs, but being mindful of how much money you’re spending is a key step to saving it. Even though something doesn’t seem that expensive in the moment, you should remember that everything adds up: the guac, extra espresso shots, Uber rides, and Uber Eats to start. Be mindful of your spending habits.


Watch Your Coffee Order

With the amount of money most college students spend on coffee, it should just be included in their tuition. Even though it may be outrageous to even consider giving up your morning coffee, just think about how much it costs you. Reloading your Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts card multiple times a week doesn’t have to be a normal occurrence. If you could handle limiting your coffee intake or perhaps buying a simpler drink, you’d be surprised at how much money you could save.


Amend Your Transportation Method

If you’re going somewhere within walking distance, you shouldn’t be spending your hard earned money on an Uber. If you can’t get there by walking, consider taking public transportation. If you have to use a ride-service app, make sure to compare prices. Sometimes the same ride can cost a few dollars less on a different app, and that money you’re saving could really add up!


Utilize Your Kitchen and/or Meal Plan

If you’re signed up for your college’s meal plan, make sure to utilize it as much as possible! You could treat yourself every so often by eating out, but you shouldn’t make it a habit. Eating out for every meal really adds up in the long run. If you are living off campus and don’t have a meal plan, try to cook the majority of your meals at home instead of eating out. Even though it may be more convenient to eat out, you’ll be saving a ton of money by just cooking at home.


Limit Your Premium Subscription Services

Amazon Prime, Spotify Premium, Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube Red aren’t free. Even though these services may seem like an absolute necessity to most, they really aren’t. Consider cancelling the premium services that you use the least. The ads are tolerable if you think about how much money you’re saving.


Take Advantage of Student Discounts

Using student discounts is a great way to save money! Movie theaters, premium subscription services, and plenty of stores offer options. If you are going to spend money, you might as well utilize your student ID to get a discount!


Even though it may seem difficult, saving money in college is possible. Any little change you can make in your everyday life can make a big difference because every penny does actually count.


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Clarissa is a senior majoring in Journalism at Boston University's College of Communication. Besides writing, Clarissa loves Srabble, astrology, and satire. ?
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