The Shows I Can’t Stop Rewatching on Netflix

There are a few TV shows, that either aired on TV or I discovered on Netflix, that I can always rewatch. Many would wonder, “why rewatch a show that you have already seen?” Yes, you may know the fate of the characters and how the show comes to an end, but the second and third watch can be special too! It not only means that a show is a keeper, but it can also be a different viewing experience! On another note, sometimes you just need to watch something you already know the ending to…

  1. 1. Gossip Girl

    Along with being my favorite rewatch, this also happens to be one of my favorite shows.  However you would categorize this show–an epic love story, the tale of two best friends, or a peek at the elite life–it is a dynamic TV show.  On the first, second, and third watch, I realized this show could never get old!

  2. 2. Friends

    As I was not someone who watched Friends when it aired on TV, I am thankful to Netflix for introducing it to me! This show is the perfect watch for the days you need a good laugh. On the second watch, no matter which episode you put on, you are sure to remember how much you miss this show.

  3. 3. Grey’s Anatomy

    Even though Grey’s Anatomy is still living on with new seasons on TV, I always love to watch the older episodes on Netflix. Sometimes you just need to see some MerDer, am I right? Thankfully, we have Netflix to update us on the newest seasons of Grey's.

  4. 4. Glee

    An all-time favorite, Glee, and its good tunes can always put me in a good mood. Whether you miss Finn and Rachel or Kurt’s amazing style, Glee is a great rewatch. Even though I never got to watch Glee when it aired on TV, watching it on Netflix worked out better: hint, the ability to binge-watch!

  5. 5. Gilmore Girls

    Last but not least, the Gilmore girls are always there to laugh, cry, and dream with. Rory and Lorelai's antics are a great watch–whether it’s the first, second, or third time. Even though I watched Gilmore Girls as it aired, having access to the short “A Year in the Life” spinoff completed the experience.

I may or may not have just exposed how basic my watching habits are… but thanks for the good ones Netflix–brb, I’ve got some shows to rewatch!


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