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Should You Be Wearing a Matte or Dewy Foundation?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Recently, I’ve been wondering if I should be wearing a matte foundation or a dewy foundation. For the longest time, I have had oily skin. I’ve definitely tried my best to combat my skin issues, and a matte foundation was always my go-to. Recently, however, I wore a dewy foundation and it kind of changed the game for me! 

First off, we should talk about the difference between matte and dewy foundations. Matte foundation is designed for more oily-leaning skin. The texture is more dry and similar to a powder which is meant to leave the skin looking poreless. 

Dewy foundation is designed with more moisture, adding more of a luminous look, which could conflict with oily skin. 

There are some great brands out there that specialize in different kinds of foundations for all skin types. Two of my personal favorites are by Fenty Beauty and Maybelline. 

Fenty has the “Pro Filt’r” line, consisting of the Soft Matte collection and the Hydrating Longwear collection. 

Maybelline has the “Fit Me” line, which has both a matte collection and a dewy collection!

I was able to wear a dewy foundation, as long as I touched up my problem areas throughout the day. I felt super radiant and I loved the texture of the dewy foundation. At the end of the day, it is all about wearing what you want and feeling beautiful.

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Olivia Gorman, or Liv as her friends call her, is a sophomore at Boston University. Liv is studying public relations in BU's college of communication. Her favorite things in this world stem anywhere from fashion, to iced coffee, or movies. Liv loves a good laugh, a good book, and a great cheekbone contour. Olivia is from Boston, Massachusetts.
Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.