Shop These 2021 Fashion Dupes for Under $100

Bold designs, colors, and prints are all the rage this season. But, these unique pieces are a bit out of my college student budget, and it can be hard to find similar styles when the garments are so elaborate. Fortunately for you, I’ve compiled a list of a few dupes—inspired by this season’s fashion trends—that you can shop for less than $100!

  1. 1. Sequin stretchy pants 

    Lady holding several shopping bags in both of her hands

    These iconic pants, originally from Saks Potts, will brighten up even the gloomiest of days. I found two handmade sparkly dupes, each totally customizable and under $100. Danish designer Baun Studio and Depop shop Rebel La Belle offer some more affordable options. Baun Studio’s Glitter Pants ($98.47) come in multiple colors and can be custom-made for your measurements. Similarly, Rebel La Belle stocks over 30 holographic fabrics for their made-to-order Shatterstar Holo Pants ($90). 

  2. 2. Massive puffers 

    Bristol uk woman in yellow puffer coat and purple sunglasses bristol fashion

    This look is also a Saks Potts staple. I’m a huge fan of their designs if you couldn’t tell! Their puffers are a celebrity fan favorite, and the rainbow cloud jacket sold out immediately after being seen on Kylie Jenner. If the hype didn’t make owning this jacket difficult enough, add on the fact that it retails for $870. While it’s not an exact replica of the Saks Potts style, I found this pastel puffer on Etsy ($86). It’s oversized and just as colorful, for a fraction of the price!

  3. 3. Leather pants 

    woman standing in street

    Look out Ross Geller, because leather pants are back! Fortunately, the trendy Aritzia Wilfred Melina Pant is a bit more flattering, and a lot less skin-tight. Unfortunately, those particular pants also cost close to $150. These Zara Faux Leather Straight-Leg Pants ($39) are a very similar style, with the straight leg, button front, and high rise. They’re available in sizes XS-XXL as well! 

Go forth with your new fashion finds and rock the streets of Boston with your trendy looks!

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