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She’s the Man: Top Things You Can Borrow from Your Boyfriend’s Closet


Browsing through the pages of People or US Weekly, I always see a page dedicated to couples wearing the same clothing or accessories, or more specifically sharing them, e.g. when K-Stew and R-Patz wear the same shirt. I find it cute that couples share belongings, especially when the ladies dawn their men’s clothing and accessories. In the world of cross dressing, I think girls can pull off men’s fashion more than guys ever could with women’s. Girls can definitely look hot and cool in boy’s apparel and wearing boy’s accessories, if worn well of course.  Likewise, wearing your boyfriend’s stuff creates that bond and feeling of possession and closeness between you two. So, ladies, ask your men nicely – make sure they say ‘Yes’ – and enjoy sifting through their stuff! Here are some ideas:

Graphic T-Shirt

When it comes to t-shirts, don’t just borrow a random shirt but something that has character, something with patterns or a graphic. Borrow something he loves and screams his personality (and may be yours as well). A round collar or a V-neck is great. Fold the sleeves giving you that boyish but cute look. You can also tuck that shirt or let it loose, as long as you remember to wear well-fitted jeans, basically skinny. I’m pretty sure you all know the rule: if you go loose and bohemian on top, you have to go pretty fitted on the bottom. None of the loose on top, loose on the bottom kind of get-up.

Cardigan, Blazer and Jacket

Knit, cashmere, cotton, denim or leather, your choice. Trust me, it doesn’t matter whenever you want to go for the 80s denim or for the warm knitted cardigan because girls somehow, someway can pull off wearing any of these three selections. Oversized cardigans gives off that laidback look, while a leather jacket gives off that Greaser persona girls secretly want to have sometimes. There is a unique blend of masculinity and feminism whenever girls wear one of these apparels.

Jerseys and Lax Pinnie

Girls, if you want to dawn that sporty look, just borrow any of these from your boyfriends’ closets. This category of clothing is also by far the one that girls can pull off the sexiest and the hottest. Your boyfriends would readily give their jerseys or pinnies if they can see you wear them all day every day.

Board Shorts and Boxers

If you happen to forget your cover up or want something new for a change to wear over your bikini, why don’t you try wearing your boyfriend’s board shorts? It seems really strange and uncommon, but it works! It’s comfortable too. Again, you get that masculinity and feminism at the same time. With boxers showing off your bum and your legs, you get that cute yet sexy look. Plus it’s very homey and comfortable. Just make sure they’re clean and well-washed *wink-wink*.

Dress Shirt and Tie/Bowtie

Let’s get classy or casual with the dependable dress shirt! Girls look smart and hot with the classic men’s dress shirt. For a formal and sophisticated look, wear a plain colored shirt and tuck it inside a pair of formal pants of an A-line skirt. Wear a tie (preferably skinny) or a bow-tie to compliment, and finish off with a pair of glasses. Smart, classy and hot! For the everyday look, wear the shirt over a cami and either unbutton the top few buttons or let it loose. Another idea – I’ve seen this done a million of times – is to wear the dress shirt as a dress! Compliment it with a belt around your waist and you’re ready to go!

Baseball Cap and Watches

Last but not least, the classic accessories girls can borrow from their guys. What can I say, we, girls, just pull them off.  Add the baseball cap as the finishing touch to the jersey or lax pinnie ensemble. And for the watches, remember to wear them with 2-3 bracelets to produce that combined effect of masculinity and feminism time and time again.


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