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She’s the First: Why You Should Care About A New Club on Campus

In a sea of 500+ clubs at BU, a truly unique organization is making waves this year: She’s the First. I spoke with club founder and Environmental Analysis and Policy major, Bekah Heath, to learn more about the special organization.

HCBU’s Shannon Stocks: How would you describe She’s the First?  

Bekah Heath: She’s the First is an international organization that works to promote women’s education around the world, specifically in lower-income countries. Currently working in 11 different countries, the organization provides scholarships for young women to pursue secondary and higher education. Here at BU we work to promote the empowerment of women, equality in education, and action from the global community.  

SS: What does it mean to be a member?  

BH: This club is brand new here at BU. That means being a member is about starting something new and creating it from the bottom up. We still have many different leadership positions open and we are ALWAYS looking for people to join.  

SS: Why did you want to start a campus chapter? 

BH: When I was abroad in Fall 2014, I really felt that I needed to make a mark at BU. I decided to follow something that I was personally passionate about, which was equal education rights. That’s when I came across She’s the First.  

SS: What did you have to do to make the club official?  

BH: We officially became recognized by the global organization in January 2015. And then BU signed us off as a club in November 2015! It was a long process that took hard work and determination, but we are here now, and here to stay.  

SS: What is your favorite thing about the club? 

BH: This seems like the impossible question to answer. I love every part of this club, from its goals to the people involved. My favorite part would have to be the amount of emails I get inquiring about joining or partnering with the group. My ultimate goal in starting STF (She’s The First) at BU was really having a widespread affect on campus, and I believe we are on our way.   

SS: Where do you see the club going once you graduate?  

BH: I have faith in the passionate people I have surrounded myself with here in STF at BU. This club is just starting and has the potential to rock BU’s campus! 

SS: Is there anything else you wish to share? 

BH: YES. Please look out for us all around campus. We will be holding a multitude of events around campus this semester so come find us! For more information consider joining our Facebook group at “She’s the First: Boston University Chapter” or email us at either [email protected] or [email protected].


Shannon Stocks is a Junior at Boston University in the Sargent School for Health Sciences, majoring in Speech Language and Hearing Sciences. She has always loved to write and focuses this passion on her poetry. In her free time, you can find her at spin class on Newbury Street, working on a project in the community service center, or at the Hillel House. She loves being a part of the Her Campus Team!
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