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If you’ve heard of Shae Brock, you know that 2019 was all about “Sapphire Smoke.” The single dropped in April of last year and marked an important transition in Shae’s sound. If you missed its release, check it out here, and if you’re still in the dark about who the incredible up-and-coming musician Shae Brock is, check out my last profile for some background on her journey as an artist and her inspiration for “Sapphire Smoke.” Since last April, Shae Brock has gone through some serious changes in her life and musical style, leading to her theme for 2020–this year, it’s all about “DNA.” 

After the release of “Sapphire Smoke”, Shae decided it was time for another shift in her musical style. She had grown up playing guitar and idolizing artists such as Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty. Deciding to return to her roots as a musician with her latest single, Shae developed a new unique sound that she refers to as “dream rock.” With this theme of roots already in mind, she could not have predicted how relevant this would soon become to her life. While working on this new project, Shae discovered something that would change her life–she has a long-lost biological sister.



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Despite the initial shock of this news, meeting her sister has been an incredible experience. Shae and her sister have discovered that they have a lot in common despite growing up apart–they have almost the exact same voice over the phone, similar mannerisms in person, and although they both grew up in Arizona, they now live only half an hour away from each other in Los Angeles. Shae is so grateful to have her sister in her life, and despite the short amount of time they’ve known one another, Shae already feels connected to her. This incredible experience has given Shae a unique perspective on the power of DNA, perfectly coinciding with her new “dream rock” style to inspire an authentic and deeply personal transition in her career.

Shae’s new single “DNA” follows the story of two lovers that keep coming back to each other.  Inspired by her connection with her sister, the single explores unbreakable bonds between people held together by love, memories, and ultimately, DNA. The song dropped on March 27th, and you can check it out here!  Shae is so excited to share her latest project, and this is only the beginning of an authentic new direction for her sound.  

Aside from being an incredible musician, Shae Brock is an inspiring young woman who is unafraid to produce art that is authentic and true to herself.  When asked what advice she has for our readers who may be pursuing creative projects of their own, she answered, “Go with what your heart is saying. If it feels good to you and makes you excited, then do that.”  

Shae’s music is a reminder to embrace the experiences that make us unique and to create without restraint or hesitation. I am so excited to see where this next step in Shae’s journey takes her, and her music will definitely be on my radar.

For more information about Shae, check out her website, or follow her on Instagram and Twitter. Happy listening, Her Campus! 

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