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Realistic Winter Break To-Do List

You made it through finals (yes, you’ll get there. No worries.). You have slept off all the sleep- deprivation of the fall. You have celebrated your respective winter holidays, and finally, it’s the new year. If you’re like me, this is a time of gusto. You’re determined to get stuff done before second semester rolls around in the three weeks of January that you’re still at home. And this is admirable. but, if you’re also like me, mostly just a wild fantasy.

However, not this break. 2016 will be a year of accomplishment. So, let’s start little. Here is a realistic winter break to-do list, to get your second semester started right.

Get a haircut

Unless you’re one who regularly dyes their hair, your hair was probably left alone all fall. Wintertime is actually the best time for your hair because there’s, finally, no humidity. Get a nice trim and your hair will be on point, hopefully, for the rest of the season. Less work, more good hair days!

Look up your textbooks

Spend the time looking for where to get the best deals on textbooks. You don’t need to order them just yet, but it’s better than impulsively purchasing everything two weeks into the semester.

Rediscover a forgotten hobby

I painted a lot in high school and I’ve missed it in college. I’m so excited to have the time to actually start my hobby up again, without the stress of homework or responsibility deterring me from something I love to dork out about.

Read for fun

When was the last time you read a book because it sounds interesting? Even if it’s one of those romance novels you bought at the airport on the way to your beach vacation— lucky you— that counts!

Make real food

Learn how to cook or make your mom’s recipes. Remember, you’re returning to dining hall/ microwavable food soon enough, so this is the time to eat vegetables and well-seasoned meat.

Winter break can feel too long sometimes. The December part of it is well-deserved, but by the first week into January, I tend to be itching to get back to my friends at college. But this year, I’m ready to slow down and enjoy the break in its entirety, getting myself together to slay semester two. 


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