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A Rainy Day Playlist from Around the World

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Rainy days bring mixed feelings. They remind you of the serenity and comfort of being warm and cozy at home, but at the same time, they make you feel gloomy and trapped as you’re not able to leave your house. For those with seasonal affective disorder, a rainy day can be a short trial before a cold winter—it is short, but brings the same challenges.

To make these rainy days feel a little lighter on you, I’ve curated a playlist with positive and calm songs from all around the world. Brace yourself for an uplifting musical and cultural experience!

“f a r a w a y” by The Japanese House (United Kingdom)

“f a r a w a y” is the perfect song for the rain. The artist talks about her significant other’s impact on her. The music is a beautiful crossover between indie and electronic, which makes it ideal for a rainy day. The song’s melody with accompanying vocals by The 1975’s Matty Healy makes it incredibly dreamy. 

Listen to the song here.

“The Louvre” by Lorde (New Zealand) 

“The Louvre” is a song that will grow on you over time. Lorde’s music is somewhat spacious and gives you room to breathe, which works wonders for your mental health when you feel suffocated inside your house. Besides, the song’s acoustic instruments and backup vocals feel like a warm blanket, wrapping you up in fuzzy thoughts and feelings to help you overcome the day. 

Listen to the original version here.

“Clean” by Taylor Swift (United States)

Because “Clean” uses extended metaphors of rain and droughts, it was impossible not to include this song in my playlist. This song encourages us to see rain in a positive opportunity to make changes in our lives; it is something that cleans and purifies our bodies and souls. Prepare your ears for a spiritual moment as you listen to backup vocalist Imogen Heap’s gorgeous vocals that add a haunting layer to the song. 

Find the original version here.

“On Brülera” by Pomme (France) 

The original version of “On Brülera” is heartbreakingly beautiful, but the acoustic version fits intricately with the background of the rain. The artist sings with sadness as the world around her disproves of her choice of a female partner, and her emotions make for the most beautiful melodies. 

Listen to the original version here and find the acoustic version here.

“Khwabon ke Parindey” (India) 

This song was originally written to accompany visuals of a road trip along with a deserted land, but its musicality lends itself to any solitary environment. The song encourages you to let things be and go with the flow. The rain gives us a chance to stop, slow down, and breathe. Make the most of this song and take a moment to meditate and reflect on your life to feel refreshed! 

Listen to the original version here.

The rain’s impact is universal, so you can assume artists from all over the world have written about it. And finding songs from different countries can make your playlist that much more original! Music is one of those rare things where language shouldn’t limit you. 

Let this short playlist be the foundation of what you build your full rainy day playlist on. Think of how you naturally react to the rain and curate a playlist to counteract those negative feelings and instead use this time to hit the “refresh” button. 

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Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.