Putting the “Free” in Free People: Moon Phase Wall Art

I originally saw this great glass, moon phase wall decoration over the summer on Free People's website and LOVED IT. But of course, being from Free People (with similar ones at Urban Outfitters), I knew it was expensive. While I can’t remember the exact price and the item has since sold out, I can only imagine that it must have been at least $35.00.

Photo from Free People

So, for this week’s Urban Unwrung, I revisited this gorgeous wall art to show you guys how I made this piece on my own for NOTHING.


  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Black Paint
  • Pencil
  • Yarn
  • Tape


1. Trace 6 circles on your cardboard using a cylindrical object. I used a small candle. (I had 7 circles but then ended up not needing one because for the half-moon you only need one circle to get two halves.)

2. Cut out all the circles.

3. Draw one of the circles to be a crescent moon, one a half moon, and the other a two-thirds moon.

4. Cut out each individual moon on the line you drew and then use that shape to trace the other moon.

5. Altogether you should have two crescents, two half moons, two two-thirds moons, and one full moon.

6. Paint your moons whatever color you want. My walls are white, so I painted mine black for contrast.

7. After your moons have dried, organize them in their moon pattern and flip them over so the painted side is touching the table top.

8. Cut a piece of string long enough for the whole moon phase.

9. Tape the yarn to the back of the moons

That’s it. This was so easy and it looks okay! Obviously, the Free People one is nicer -- it’s made of glass and metal and not cardboard -- but for the price of $0.00, I don’t think this looks too bad. It will definitely stay on my wall for the year.

I wish I had had some black glitter to make the moons look a little bit more interesting. but the simplicity of the black against the white is pretty classic and now, not only does my room have Anthropologie inspiration, but Free People too!


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