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The Pros and Cons of EBooks

Recently, whenever I take the T or ride the public bus, I have noticed more and more people reading books on a Nook or a Kindle. As the popularity of EBook readers have risen, however, many wonder whether these devices lose what is so great about reading books. I was skeptical at first about whether purchasing an EBook reader would make sense.
However, about 6 months after purchasing Barnes and Noble’s first version of their Nook, I would say my only regret is that I love their latest version even better. A Nook allows me to bring my whole EBook library with me wherever I go, making an EReader an essential item for someone who uses public transportation frequently or likes to travel.  With many options for Nook covers, I don’t feel like I’ve lost the sensations of reading books on paper. I now find that I’m less likely to, as the proverbial phrase goes, “Judge a book by its cover,” since now all the books I can possibly by have the cover that I selected. Though I decided not to purchase a Kindle, my friends who do have it always sing its praises. Finally, one of the best parts about owning an EBook reader is that you can get books for free in a fast and easy way. Large library branches are now starting to lend books out in EBook form! The Boston Public Library has thousands of EBooks that you can borrow for a lending period of a couple weeks. So you can read a new Hardcover book that would cost you $24.95 in the store for absolutely free.

My love for my Nook and other EReaders, should not, however, be taken as a hatred for the good old paperback. I adore spending hours in bookstores. When I sit in a Barnes and Noble or in Trident Café or the Brookline Booksmith, I can relax and just enjoy the present moment. Not to mention, bookstores make excellent locations for people-watching, if you’re in the mood for that kind of thing. Bookstores are also great places because of the people who work there. I love getting recommendations from bookstore employees, because they can not only tell you about books that they love, but they can also tell you the books that their customers are buying and talking about.
In the end, while how you read is up to your personal preference, you shouldn’t limit yourself to one form if you enjoy both. No matter how you decide to read, leisure reading is truly one of the most underrated activities.

*Photo courtesy of Barnes and Nobles

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