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Post Halloweekend Costume & Clothing Swap Shout Out!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

We came. We swapped. We conquered (because snagging a totally on trend suede skirt and cat woman suit just in time for Halloween totally counts as conquering the world, right?).

Our Halloweekend Costume & Clothing Swap, co-hosted with UNItiques, couldn’t have been better! You know you can’t go wrong when there’s pizza, party jams, free henna, a photo booth, giveaways, and of course, the hottest clothes and costumes up for grabs, all wrapped into one event! Seriously, did we outdo ourselves, or what?

But you know HCBU is never one to take all of the credit. We couldn’t have made our swap a hit without loads of free goodies from our amazing sponsors! We’re sending lots of HC love to the Chicken & Rice Guys, IndieFlix, Shake Shack, and Lomography for supplying us with the goods our fellow terriers can never get enough of! And by HC love we mean we’re practically bowing down!

Chicken & Rice Guys

All in favor of nom noming on chicken and rice, say I! You’ve probably seen the Chicken & Rice Guys’ food truck rolling around Boston (how could you miss that bright, golden yellow)! But even better than their food truck is the first CnR brick and mortar store in Downtown Boston on 85 Bedford St.! You can now walk right in and get your chicken and rice plates in a take out setting. Thanks to the CnR guys, many of you walked away with a free meal voucher (yes, we said an entire meal free) from their truck or store! One regular grilled chicken plate, with an extra pita, and garlic sauce please!


Why Netflix and chill when you can IndieFlix and chill! Invite bae over, grab your laptop, swallow your biggest chill pill and prepare to stream over 8,000 of the world’s favorite independent movies. From action to classics to horror, IndieFlix has every genre your heart desires in its repertoire of independent movies, documentaries, shorts, and web series! If you missed us at our Halloweekend swap, you missed out on a one-year free trial. But you can still head over to IndieFlix now for a $5/month subscription. Talk about college budget-friendly! Let’s see Netflix and chill beat those prices!

Shake Shack

IndieFlix and chillin’ will surely work up an appetite for you and bae so you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared in the food department. That’s when Shake Shack will come to the rescue! Use those free fry with any meal vouchers you received at the Halloween swap and you’ll be able to afford a full meal for you and your guy with no trouble at all! Plus, the Shake Shack’s custard is to die for (then come back to life and die all over again)! You can thank us later when you and bae are halfway into your movie and your taste buds are still tingling from a scrumptious ShackBurger!


Get ready to take your selfies to the next level with Lomography! You know you’ve already spotted their incredibly hip, vintage inspired cameras around town in stores like Urban Outfitters. Well, get excited about the chance to possibly own your own (stay tuned on HCBU’s social media in the coming weeks)! Lomography is dedicated to producing fun and experimental products to keep creative analogue photography alive and accessible to everyone. We’re picturing your best Kim K approved selfie now when you try Lomography on for size, especially one of their many instant cameras for the photographer who just can’t wait to hold their amazing photos in their hand!  

We HCBUers want to give one more, giant thank you to our co-hosts, UNItiques, our amazing attendees who came and swapped with us, and our generous sponsors! If you’re feeling as grateful as us, you’ll be sure to check out Shake Shack, Lomography, Chicken & Rice Guys, and IndieFlix, if you haven’t already, and make a couple of purchases and visits! We certainly know where our money is going to be spent these next couple of weeks! 

Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.
Summer is a Boston University graduate ('15) that received a BS in Journalism with a concentration in magazine journalism. Her interests include editorial design and lifestyle, fashion, and beauty content, as she aspires to be a fashion magazine writer and editor. She is currently a fashion and beauty writer for Bustle.com and previously served as a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Boston University. Summer likes to think of herself as a lipstick enthusiast and smoothie connoisseur, so when she isn't writing for Bustle, you could probably find her sipping on a strawberry-banana smoothie and planning her next purchases at Sephora. Follow Summer on Twitter @SummerArlexis