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Poor Life Lessons Disney Princess Movies Taught Us

1.     It doesn’t matter that you can’t speak because you’ll just be judged on your looks anyways.

2.     When you see a random house you should enter it regardless of the fact that it may house 7 strange men.

3.     Your Prince Charming is the guy who has to search the entire kingdom for you based on shoe size because he can’t remember what you look like.

4.     Your fairy-tale ending won’t be achieved until you find your prince and get married.

5.     Its essential to have a nonexistent waist and beautiful flowing hair.

6.     When deciding between your dope tail or lame human legs, choose whichever will get you the guy.

7.     The most important attributes in a man are looks and money.

8.     Old/ugly/fat people are pure evil.


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