A Playlist For Every Mood

When I first started using Spotify in middle school, I didn’t have a subscription and was forced to listen to ads every couple of songs or so. But I was twelve and didn’t care because I had access to more songs and artists than I knew what to do with. I will always thank Spotify for exposing me to so many artists I wouldn’t have found without the free access they provide. However, now that I’m a busy student with a little bit of money to spend and not a lot of patience, I finally bought a premium subscription and I haven’t looked back since.

With the perks of premium, I’m able to not only make playlists but also download them to my phone or computer and listen to them whenever I want. I don’t even need wifi. It’s a blessing. So in my spare time, I like to make playlists tailored to whatever mood I’m in. I thought I’d share some of my moody playlists with you.

1. For when you need to get pumped up.

Whenever I need a mood booster or I’m getting ready to go out, I put on this playlist. It’s especially useful to play at full volume when I’m psyching myself up to take a test or send a risky text. Overall, it’s a versatile playlist and if you need to zone out while doing homework, put this on.

2. For when you need to calm down.

We all need a break from life sometimes, especially when things get busy and overwhelming. When I need to chill out, I put this playlist on, write in my journal, make some coffee, and take a second to breathe.

3. For when you need to go back in time.

These songs are from way back, and they’re a good break from pop and hip-hop. I have to be in a certain mood to listen to these songs, usually when I’m stressed out or nostalgic or sad. They're also great for a night of throwback karaoke with friends. 

4. For when you need to jam out.

This has been one of my longest running playlists—I’ve been adding songs for a few years now I think? It’s mostly rap, r&b, and hip-hop. It’s a go-to for basically any situation whether it's getting ready to go out, going to the gym, or just jamming in my room at the end of a long day.

5. For when you need to feel happy.

My friend helped me curate this playlist by sending me songs to cheer me up when I was feeling upset just the other day. Whenever I’m sad but don’t want to wallow in my feelings, I put this playlist on and it instantly cheers me up. Pick me up playlists like this are particularly important when things just get kind of overwhelming, like right now at the end of the school year so it's important to have music that makes you instantly perk up.

6. For when you need to cry.

I named this playlist “emotional” because that’s exactly how I feel when I listen to it. It’s good when you’re sad and you want to bask in your sadness for a while. At the end of the day, upbeat music isn't always enough to make you feel better; sometimes you really just need a good cry and that's what this is made for.

7. For when you need to study.

I didn’t actually make this playlist. It’s a pretty popular one on Spotify actually if you go to the moods tab and click study it pops up. It is my go-to for when I’m writing a paper and can’t let myself get distracted by anything.

I hope that these playlist suggestions have added some songs to your repertoire. I can’t stress enough the benefits of music streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music—do yourself a favor and subscribe to one of them ASAP!


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