Our Favorite Gifts to Receive as College Students

As the holiday season comes around, everyone is looking forward to hot chocolate, a majestic snowfall, and spending quality time with family. But as poor college students, there is also a (tiny) part of us that is already thinking about presents. As shameful as it is, we know that the gift-giving season has to be used strategically to get what we really want or need at college. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Here are some gift favorites that every college student would appreciate this December.


1. Convenience/Dining Points 

At this point in the year, your bank account has probably seen better days, and your student ID has most likely become your main spending source. Although it might seem like a boring gift, convenience points are much appreciated and will never be wasted.


2. Sweatpants

It is a well-known fact that a college student can never have enough sweatpants. Sweats are extremely necessary for lazy weekends in your dorm room, or maybe even for when you want to be extra cozy in class. 


3. Gift Cards

Free money that can only be used at your favorite stores and restaurants? No college student would be unhappy with that gift. When in doubt, gift cards are always the way to go. 


4. Concert Tickets

Millennials love gifts that take the form of an experience and the price of concert tickets do not typically fit into a college student’s budget. But they make a great gift and an even greater experience, with photos and memories that will last long after the concert has ended. 


5. Money

Money is always a safe bet for the holidays. Struggling collegiates will always appreciate some extra cash, to spend on anything from their morning coffee to late-night eats. 


You might want to share some of these ideas with your family and friends as the holiday season inches closer. These gift ideas are every college student’s favorite items to receive. However, when funds are low, any gift is appreciated. Even just a home-cooked meal is a great present in itself! 


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