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Observations of a Daily Dorm Poll Part 2 – An End-of-Year Update

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Last semester, I wrote an article about a small little whiteboard poll that my roommate and I put up outside our dorm room every day. Now, moving into the last month of school, I’m proud to say we have yet to miss a day or repeat a question and don’t plan to for the rest of the year. Also, as we move towards the end of the year, I thought it was time to give the world an update and some highly requested results of some of our better polls.

This was our poll for Valentine’s Day, having already asked earlier in the week whether the holiday was cute or simply commercial (answer: apparently people think it’s cute, it garnered 12/17 votes). A lot of people got confused by the add-in of “are you a good significant other?” and I had to explain. By that question I didn’t mean “do you serially cheat”, I meant more like “are you too busy to have a relationship/do you tend to not prioritize your S.O.” Unsurprisingly, only two people total voted that they would not date themselves, while 12 voted “of course” and “yes” received 6 votes.

Another one of our big ones, albeit a less serious one, was the question of which Girl Scout Cookies are the best. To my Samoa-loving heart’s disappointment, Thin Mints won. Almost every vote came with the person voting trying to justify why it was that THEIR cookie was better, you would have thought that we had asked if people were pro-choice or not based on the fervor of their belief in their cookie.

I don’t have photos of all our results (late class schedule = bad photo upkeep), but I did write a lot of them down, which I will put a few requested ones down below for everyone who has asked to see them.

Question: “Are ice cream cakes just mini ice cream sandwiches?”

Result: No by 14 votes

Question: “Who is superior? OG Oxi-Clean guy or Allstate guy?

Result: Oxi-Clean guy by 3 votes

Question: “Are you fight or flight?”

Result: Fight by 4 votes

Though our poll questions have become harder to come up with, (we value quality above all) we were determined to make it to the end of the year without repeating any. Now with the 2020 race ramping up, I’m even more interested to see how people keep voting, even on a small little poll like ours.

So, there’s a poll question for you. Can you tell the way you think a person may vote in 2020 based on their answers to questions like these? Is there a correlation in types of people’s Girl Scout cookie flavors and their political affiliations?

Maybe we’ll know soon.


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Maya is currently a junior in Sargent College at Boston University, studying Human Physiology.
Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.