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NY Fashion Week Wrap-Up

 Although the eight days of NY Fashion Week have concluded, designers and trendsetters get to continue showing their looks in Paris and London. However, we did get a preview of new trends with this year’s inspired runway looks.

From Ralph Lauren to Calvin Klein to Rag & Bone, designers concentrated on high necklines and male-inspired outfits. Military, leather and tailored suiting were seen in a variety of collections.
Some additional garnishes included gold-metal accents on dresses and collar necklaces that look more appropriate for dogs than high-fashion women. One thing I noticed throughout the eight days: mini-skirts, backless dresses and bare skin are out. 2012 is ready to take on a more masculine, less-in-your-face approach to fashion.

Designers also focused on outerwear. Trenchcoats, turtlenecks and tweed blazers graced the runway—along with high-waisted trousers, leather leggings and printed pants. NY Fashion Week was a breath of fresh air. Rather than concentrating on overt sexiness, designers seemed to transition back to classic items. What defined the 2012 runway was practicality—women were shown what they should buy and what they should want to buy. Designers showed us wearable fashion that appeals to women of all ages.

One of things I’m most excited for after tracking NYFW is J.Crew’s collaboration with Manolo Blahnik. The mastermind behind J.Crew’s perfect mix of feminine and masculine, Jenna Lyons, finally got her wish of working with Blahnik on a line of shoes.
Expect to see both printed and solid-colored shoes for next fall. Although they will have a higher price point than your average J.Crew heel, it’s definitely worth buying a pair. After all, they’re still a bargain compared to the average Manolo Blahnik, which sell for $500 and up!

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