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First things first: a woman has the right to her own body. She can do whatever she chooses to control her body, her own way. The reproductive rights of women are a heated topic today, continuously facing a lot of pressure, but a woman’s body should never be regulated by the government. Our rights can not and will not be taken away, especially our right to take birth control. 

With new laws and pressures on women that stigmatize the use of birth control, it can be difficult to go and pick up a prescription. Thankfully, there are companies that recognize this unnecessary challenge that women face, companies that are doing something to make it easier for women to practice their reproductive rights. Nurx is a company dedicated to making healthcare easy and affordable. They offer a great medical guidance team to consult in the first step of picking your medication. Once it is prescribed, they will deliver your medication directly to you for free. Their goal is to make healthcare convenient for your schedule and your bank account because taking care of yourself should not be a stressful process. 

Female healthcare doesn’t just stop at birth control, and neither does Nurx. They also offer STI testing, emergency contraception, HIV prep, and HPV screening. They are truly revolutionizing sexual health! With insurance, birth control is available for $0. Without, it’s $15. For college students, they are currently offering one month of free birth control with three months delivered. 

There are many options to protect your body and stay in control of your health! Ultimately, you should do some research to find what is best for you because your body is important, and you deserve total control of it. You can check out Nurx online or on social media—they have Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, all @nurxapp.

Birth control shouldn’t be hard. Take pride in your choices and your body. After all, it’s your own.


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Emma is an English major at Boston University. She hopes to have a novel published and write for a sketch comedy show one day. In her free time she reads, writes, and paints. She loves to make people laugh and fully believes in aliens.
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