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Last weekend I saw the Bit Players perform in Newport and it was one of the best comedy experiences I’ve ever had. The cast was hilarious, clever, and engaging. They’re also considered the best improv and comedy group in all of Rhode Island!

The group performs in the Firehouse Theatre, which is a small but quaint location in Newport, but be sure to buy your tickets in advance because they sell out almost every weekend. Around the area, there are several great places to eat before the show as well, such as the iconic Ben’s Chili Dogs. 

Going to improv shows is something that EVERYBODY should do every once in a while — it provides a lot of laughs and bonding between the cast and the audience, and also gives you inside jokes that you can crack in the future with whoever you go with. Even if you aren’t a fan of live theatre, there’s something for everyone in improv, especially because the material is based on the audience’s suggestions. Also, there is a great selection of comedy and stand up shows on streaming platforms like Netflix (like John Mulaney’s shows…I am obsessed). 

My sister and grandmother accompanied me to the performance, and we all enjoyed it immensely. The cast members brought up a few people on stage, made up funny songs on the spot, bantered, and cracked a lot of great jokes. My absolute favorite part was the musical aspect of the show. For behind the scenes, musicians improvised background music and accompaniment to all of the skits and songs.

One thing that the Bit Players are known for is bringing up audience members that are getting married or celebrating an anniversary and creating songs about their lives, which adds a whole other personal layer to the comedy. They also perform various skits, about all topics ranging from Disney princesses to celebrity dating shows. The Bit Players NAILED it, and I’ll be sure to watch them perform another time. 

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