National Coming Out Day Special: My Coming Out Tips

As a queer person, you don’t come out only once. You come out to your friends, your parents, your colleagues, and the list goes on. I know it can sometimes feel overwhelming. In honor of National Coming Out Day, I want to give you some tips to come out as LGBT+. I promise it won’t involve the words “Yep, I’m gay” (I hope you all got the reference!). Actually, you won’t even have to say a word if you don’t want to.


Wear your Pride on your sleeve (literally)

QueerDo Pin via Autostraddle – Girlfriends Pin from Naifdesignstudio – ‘I came out’ Pin from doubledenimdude – Ladies Pin via Hello Holiday

I love enamel pins! They are a great way to showcase your personality. Plus, they look amazing. A nice thing about them is that they can be as discreet as you want. You can decide to be subtle or all out. You can also keep things classy or absolutely not!

If you are a bit bolder, slogan t-shirts are your best friends. You can choose to be political, funny or go for a reference that only your fellow queers will understand.


Reclaim the rainbow

Whether it is a cute purse or a tiny embroidery on a t-shirt, there is a rainbow for everyone. Depending on what you choose, it can be a good way to let you queerness shine in a straight environment. People might just think you are being stylish but it can also be a good conversation opener.

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Casually mention it in conversations

This one never gets old. If you are not sure how people might react, you can start by mentioning how good the Kat and Adena storyline was or how cute this girl in your marketing class is. It involves a bit of talking but it is a good way to test the water before actually coming out.

If you feel like you are oversharing, just ask yourself this question: how often do straight people mention their wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend? All the time! So don’t feel bad about it.


Or have someone do it for you

At Uni, my roommate used to ask casual questions like: “How was your date?” or “Have you read this book? It features a great gay character.” It worked because I trusted him and I always had the option of laughing it off or giving a really vague answer.

Trust is key here because there is a fine line between making a casual remark and outing someone. In my case, I know he would not say anything that could make me feel uncomfortable or unsafe. And that leads me to my last point.


Don’t do it until you are ready

Maybe all of your friends already came out or your SO is pressuring you. Whatever happens, this is YOUR decision to make and it could affect you in ways others might not understand. Your parents may stop supporting you or even break off all ties. I know it sucks but your safety should always come first.


I hope these tips will be helpful. Otherwise, you can just write an article about it! And don’t forget to check the Human Right Campaign website for more information.