Natalie Russo (COM'15, CAS'15)

Meet Senior and Dual Degree Candidate (Public Relations and Classical Studies), Natalie Russo! This bella BU-er shows her Sicilian side with her style. She finds a way to incorporate black in every outfit. Above, Natalie sports a pink Lands’ End down vest with a L.L. Bean classic navy flannel. “The most color I own,” Natalie said regarding the vest and shirt. Going from top to bottom, she sports a pair of sleek black Reebok pants and olive-colored TOMS. By wearing black, Natalie brings out the beautiful colors. The senior says she doesn’t put a lot of thought into getting dressed, but her simple styling works in her favor!

Her go-to items are black pants, jeans, scarves, and cheetah prints. On the topic of shoes, “Heels are more comfortable than flats,” she said with pride. Whether she knows it or not, Natalie does have an inner fashionista. “I wear shoes with a little bit of a heel,” she added. “You caught me on an off day.” TOMS are the only exception.

Natalie shares her fashion points:

Jeans- “No rips. Denim with a little flare.”

Boots- “Black.”

“European women are the most beautiful people. I admire the simple and saucy style. Ah, Versace…”