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Disney+ is the new platform that I definitely recommend for all the childhood throwbacks we know and love. Prepare for the memories to come flowing in as you read my top five list for what you should watch first on Disney+!

The Princess Diaries

Definitely a must-watch. Two amazing actresses, Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews, are perfectly paired alongside each other in this film, and the most magical atmosphere ever is created. 


I could watch this movie literally every day. Arguably the best Disney princess movie (at least in my opinion) and the songs ARE BOMB. 

The Parent Trap

I’ve only seen the newer version (the older one is also on Disney+!!!), but I think it’s really wholesome and fun. A classic soundtrack, and some memorable one-liners as well!

The Aristocats

This is my childhood favorite movie. I miss the old Disney—they should make more movies like this gem.

Lady and the Tramp

Both the classic and the remake are SO adorable. Who wouldn’t want to watch a cute movie about two dogs who fall in love?

Go out and watch some Disney+! Your nostalgia is waiting. 

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