My Spring Break in Montreal—The Places You Need to Go

This spring break, I decided to go to a destination even colder than Boston. My boyfriend and I took a trip up to Montreal and made it a goal to explore, eat, and most importantly take a much-needed break from classes and work.

When we first arrived, we went to our hotel located in the center of Old Montreal. Hotel Gault has a beautiful architectural design that blends in with the surrounding buildings. Its white stone appearance was dreamy, especially when it snowed.

The inside had a restaurant and bar that had a simple design. The beautiful fireplace made the lobby feel cozy and welcoming. The rooms had big windows that let you peer out to the streets of Montreal from the comfort of a bed set against exposed brick.

Every day, we tried to explore different parts of Montreal. The first day, we walked along McGill Street. There are tons of shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and murals around this area that made for a great self-guided walking tour.

We explored museums and the famous Notre-Dame Basilica. I learned about the history of the city we were visiting. Even the shopping areas were interesting because they were underground!

On our last day, we were even able to check out New Montreal where streets full of expensive stores stretch for seemingly endless miles.

Personally, my favorite part of Montreal was the food. Each night we planned our activities around a restaurant. We tried tons of different French foods, burgers, poutine, and even Syrian food!

The first night we checked out Bouillon Bilk, a fancy, classic spot with impressive plates. We tried razor clams, foie gras, scallops, and duck. None of these dishes disappointed.

Another notable spot was Modavie, with live Jazz music and amazing appetizers including an escargot puff pastry and salmon tartare.

Some memorable late-night spots to check out are Apartment 200, a bar/club with a relaxed vibe; it's intended to look like someone’s apartment!

Big in Japan will blow you away with its tucked away, “speak-easy” location and seating that’s a maze of twisting, connected counter lined with candles.

Montreal is the perfect getaway spot to find some European-style culture, beautiful architecture, and unforgettable meals.

All photos from Sonja Caballero.


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