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I love “going” to the movies. Netflix on my laptop after a long day is fine, but I prefer to watch a movie on the big screen with a bucket of popcorn and some good friends. Every January, after the Oscar nominations are announced, I try to catch as many movies as I can. This year I only had time for five: The Shape of Water, Darkest Hour, Dunkirk, I Tonya, and Lady Bird.

The Shape of Water is low on my list because honestly, I found it just a little too weird. The interspecies dating did not pique my interest. The actors were quite good, the cinematography, as well as the special effects. The relationship depicted was honestly just too weird for me. Would not recommend.

Darkest Hour and Dunkirk brought us back WWII. Darkest Hour recreates Churchill’s role as Prime Minister during a turning point for Great Britain in its war with Germany. Great Britain stood strong and fought for freedom. Gary Oldman was Churchill and won Best Actor—well-deserved. He embodied Churchill and drew us into his character immediately. Would Recommend.

Dunkirk tells the story of a heroic rescue of over 300,000 Allied troops that were stranded on the beaches of France by Germany’s advancement during WWII. I am not usually a fan of war movies, but Dunkirk starts in the middle of the action and I was hooked. It has its share of gore, but the bravery of the soldiers and the leadership of the Allied Forces won me over. Would Recommend.

I, Tonya recounts the story of Tonya Harding, Olympic Figure Skater, embroiled in a scandal in the 1994 Olympics. Her archrival, Nancy Kerrigan is “clubbed in the knee” by someone in Tonya’s camp in the hopes of keeping her out of the Olympics. The story is actually quite sad. Tonya is abused by her domineering mother and later her husband. Skating was her life and through many bad decisions she ended up losing it all. The acting was fabulous, however, the story is rather grim. If you are feeling sad, don’t see it.

Lady Bird is a favorite. It is a coming of age movie about a teenage girl and her mom (I happened to see it with my mom). Lady Bird, as she refers to herself, is a teen struggling to find herself coupled with a desire to make something of herself. Her mom is a devoted hard working nurse who believes in her daughter but is practical. Their relationship is a typical mom and daughter who fight, but love each other deeply. There are amusing Catholic references, as Lady Bird attends Catholic school. Would highly recommend.

So, if you have time, hit the big screen. If not, a 15-inch Mac will do.


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