My Favorite Fall Makeup Trends

As the leaves begin to fall from the trees, we begin to swap out our summer wardrobe for our warmer cozier clothing and get ready to embrace the fall fashion trends. But what about our everyday makeup routine? In the switch over to fall fashion our makeup tends to be left in the dust, as we stick to our old favorites and what we know best. However, here are some fun ways you can spice up your makeup routine.

  1. 1. Vampy Lips

    This has to be my favorite trend out of all of them. I live for a nice vampy red or purple lip in the fall. Something about a dark lip makes me wanna throw on a cozy turtleneck and sip a pumpkin spice latte. There are so many different ways to wear this trend from more neutral options to some really bold options if your feeling brave. From reds, purples, browns, oranges, and black, there's a vampy lip color for everyone to embrace this fall! If you’re looking for some good lipstick options at an affordable price, I would definitely check out ColourPop!

  2. 2. Warm-Toned Eyeshadows

    Warm-toned eyeshadow looks are the perfect way to transition your makeup into matching the fall color palette of your wardrobe. Adding colors like oranges, reds, rosy pinks and peaches, gold, and bronze into your eye look can really make a difference. You can incorporate these colors in any way that fits your personal makeup style. These colors are perfect for any kind of look from super natural and simple to dramatic and extravagant. The 35O palette from Morphe is the perfect palette for fall and has all the colors you need to create the perfect fall look. 

  3. 3. Glowy, Warm-Toned Blush

    I used to hate blush and avoided using it in my makeup routine at all costs! But since I’ve started using a more warm-toned blush with a subtle glow to it I can’t get enough! Staying away from the cooler pinks and moving more towards a mauvey or peachier color will add warmth to your face as your summer tan fades. My favorite new technique is to add a little blush on the tip of the nose for that sun-kissed effect!

  4. 4. Natural Eyebrows

    The days of thick overly drawn on eyebrows are gone. Trending this fall is a more natural look that embraces the natural shape of your eyebrows. To get this look, just fill in the sparse spots of your brows with a brow pencil that matches your brow color and throw on some clear brow gel! I personally love the look of somewhat “messy” brows - and not just because it means I can go longer in between eyebrow waxes.

  5. 5. Pops of Color

    While neutral warm tones are a huge fall trend, pops of fun and exciting colors are also in this season! Finding subtle ways to add some color into your look can completely transform a look and make it so much more exciting! There are so many different ways you can incorporate these different colors into your look. Some of my favorite ways to add a subtle hint of color is adding it to the lower lash line or inner corner of your eye look. Some fun colors that are really in this season are navy, purple, and neon.

  6. 6. Glitter

    Pops of fun glitter are so in this season! You can go big with a fancy glitter cut crease or you can keep it natural with a bit of glitter on the inner corner- it’s up to you! I know glitter can be messy sometimes, but liquid glitter takes all the mess out of the equation while keeping the shine and sparkle! I highly recommend the Stila Liquid glitters if you want to add that extra oomph to your fall makeup look! 

  7. 7. Metallics

    Wet, metallic, almost glossy eyelids are a must this fall. Metallics that match the warm-toned fall color palette like gold, bronze, or cranberry will give your eyes a glowing warmth to match your cozy fall aesthetic! To help boost the metallic shine of your powder eyeshadows, try wetting your brush with your setting spray. Or, if you want to be extra shiny try a liquid metal eyeshadow! I, again, recommend the Stila Liquid Glow ones!

  8. 8. Glowy Base

    Natural foundation that looks and feels skin like is all the rage right now. Think the Glossier look- glowing, radiant skin that looks fresh and dewy. To accomplish this look, use a moisturizing primer along with a dewy foundation. To finish off the face add some bronzer and blush to warm up your complexion and all the highlighter you can find. This will give you a beautiful, glowing-from-within kind of vibe that will trick everyone into thinking you’re totally well rested and did not stay up all night watching Halloween movies (even though you did).

At the end of the day, makeup is all about expressing yourself and wearing what makes you comfortable, so have fun with it! Makeup has no rules, so you do you!

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