My Favorite Coffee Orders

One defining similarity almost all college students share is the love for a good cup of coffee. It cools us in the heat of the summer, warms us up walking to class in the snow, and gives us that final push at 3 AM when we’re cramming for an exam or finishing a paper. In some sense, we hydrate with coffee more than water.

I knew almost nothing about coffee (except that I loved it) until I worked as a barista my first two years of college. I was opened up to a world of drinks and processes I’d never heard of. I figured, why not draw up a quick list of personal favorites I came across in my experience? So, if you find yourself getting bored with your order, and would like to experiment with something new, look to the list below. Some drinks you’ll have heard of, others might sound more obscure but, all are undoubtedly delicious.

Dirty Chai Latte

Love the taste of chai but still need to kickstart your day? The dirty chai latte is perfect. It’s a regular chai latte made with milk and chai powder or syrup (the chai base varies depending on the coffee shop) but with a shot of espresso mixed in. The espresso blends perfectly with the chai to reduce the sweetness of the drink by a fraction without taking away the chai flavor. This drink is delicious hot or iced. If you’re feeling bold, ask for two shots of espresso and turn your dirty chai into a filthy chai.

Espresso con Pana

Similar to the dirty chai, the espresso con pana is a rich amalgamation of sugary sweetness with a strong, coffee flavor. The order itself is fairly simple. It consists of a single or a double shot of espresso with a dollop of whipped cream added on top. For those who love straight espresso but are also craving dessert, or those who wished they loved straight espresso but need a little sugar, the espresso con pana is the order you want to go with.

Latte with Coconut Milk

We’re no stranger to the classic latte, a personal favorite of mine that I always seem to be in the mood for. I’ve always enjoyed a simple whole milk latte for its smooth, milky consistency and refined taste. Recently, however, I’ve discovered that coconut milk is a particularly tasty substitute for whole milk. It boosts the sweetness of the coffee enough to feel like you’re having a treat, but doesn't overload your coffee with sugar and maintains the silkiness of the overall concoction.

Iced Latte with Soy Milk and Hazelnut Syrup

To reiterate, I’ve never been one to deviate from whole milk. That is until a fellow barista told me she mixed soy milk and hazelnut flavoring with espresso to produce a refreshing and rich iced latte. It was delicious. On hot days when I’m craving something sweet but also wish to cool down, the iced soy milk hazelnut latte never fails.

London Fog

For non-coffee drinkers looking for a warm and rich beverage, the London fog is a must order. It consists of Earl Grey tea (not English breakfast!), steamed milk, and vanilla flavoring. I personally like to lessen the amount of vanilla so the drink is not overly sweet, but have also watched friends pump this order full of vanilla when craving a minor sugar rush. Regardless of preferred sweetness, the London fog is the perfect order on chilly days when you don’t want coffee but still wish to consume a warm, relaxing beverage.

Eggnog Latte  

A wonderful drink for the most wonderful time of the year! I made this latte with espresso and an eggnog-milk mixture and it quickly became one of my all-time favorites. The espresso balances out the sweetness of the eggnog in a blend that produces a rich, holiday flavor. It is warm, creamy, and still characteristic of the traditional latte taste, but slightly thicker, and includes the added boost of eggnog sweetness. If you want a treat mixed with the sensation of the Christmas spirit, order an eggnog latte.

Hopefully, you’re inspired to mix up tomorrow’s coffee order with one of these mouth-watering, original beverages. Whether you want to relax, hype up your energy level, cool down, warm up, or simply enjoy a rich treat, there is something for every mood or situation.


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