My Favorite Brunch Spots in Boston

I won’t lie to you — I’m not a breakfast person. I would much rather just grab a coffee and bagel from somewhere nearby, but that’s more of a personal preference. But, because all of my friends are breakfast people, going out for brunch is a popular event for me. So, after going to quite a few places over the past semester, here are my top five favorite brunch spots in Boston.

  1. 1. Milkweed in Mission Hill

    Person Eating Clubhouse Sandwich

    This is such an easy choice for me. They have such a wide variety of foods and their hot chocolate is made in-house and is perfect for those colder mornings. I always get the French toast, but they’re known for their unique pancake options, like the lucky charms pancakes and dutch baby pancakes. It’s decorated so nice inside, too, so you’re bound to enjoy it.

  2. 2. North Street Grille in the North End

    I know what you’re thinking: why would a grill be such a good brunch spot? I thought the same, but one look at the menu and I was amazed at how many options there are for brunch. What I love most about this place, though, is their bottomless iced coffee. It comes in a tall glass and you pour the cream or milk in yourself. And, because it’s bottomless, you can keep asking for more.

  3. 3. Cafe Landwer on Beacon Street

    Because this is so close to campus (just a few steps away from central campus), it may feel like it doesn’t count. Still, I absolutely love going here before class to get an iced latte (free for students!) and an acai bowl. The staff is so friendly and it’s usually quiet on the weekday mornings when I go, so I recommend trying it out to study or for going to class over Zoom!

  4. 4. Buttermilk and Bourbon on Newbury

    I won’t lie, I definitely heard of this place solely because of TikTok. The place is so pretty and quaint, simply sitting inside is enough. Their Sunday brunch menu has such unique, delicious options that there’s something for everyone, even if you’re not a breakfast person like me.

  5. 5. The Friendly Toast

    Their menu is so extensive, it would be impossible to not find something you like here. It’s pretty popular for brunch, though, so make sure to schedule a reservation or put yourself on the waitlist at least a few days ahead of time. When the weather is nice again, definitely try eating outside, too!

I hope you’re able to check out at least one of these restaurants when you’re in the mood for going out for brunch! I loved all of them, which says a lot considering how picky I am.

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