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One of the lovely things about living in Boston is being able to experience all four seasons. I may hate winter (too cold and dry) and summer (too hot and humid), and I may despise all forms of precipitation, but there is some charm, I guess, to each season. With each season comes a new scent in the air, a new sensation in the breeze, a new look to the sky, and a new landscape to gaze upon, so the music you listen to as you walk down Comm. Ave depends so much on the season.

Out of the four seasons, I think my personal favorite in terms of the corresponding musical sound is fall. The brisk air that brings both freshness and chills calls for a softer kind of music, and the cloudy skies push me towards R&B. And because Boston can get so cold in the fall, I need something that brings an intimate and cozy vibe, which is why I like to gravitate towards coffeehouse-esque acoustic music. This may all sound oddly specific, but there are actually plenty of songs that fit this vibe perfectly! Here are some albums that nail it for me:

Blood – Lianne La Havas

This album was technically released in the fall, and I think La Havas herself may have had more of a spring concept in mind when creating it, but I personally love listening to it in the autumn. It’s a beautiful neo-soul record that features her soft, yet powerful, voice and actual instruments, and I find that it encompasses the serenity of the fall wind perfectly. She also has a follow-up EP full of acoustic versions of many of the songs off of Blood, and I think that may actually fit the fall vibe even more perfectly.

Butterfly – Mariah Carey

If the universe has some unspoken limit on how many times a person can talk about the same person within their lifetime, I think I’ve broken it with Mariah Carey, so if I ever mysteriously disappear, then assume that that’s why. But, can you blame me? Her music is incredible, and Butterfly is the best of it. It’s especially incredible in the fall, thanks to the smooth hip-hop influences and Mariah’s raspier vocals. The lead single “Honey” is definitely more of a summer track, but the rest of it is perfect for this season.

My Voice – Taeyeon

If I haven’t broken the universe’s rule with Mariah, then I’ve definitely broken it with Taeyeon. Her album My Voice features the perfect blend of acoustic pop and R&B that embodies the sound of autumn, and the lead single “Fine” is practically fall in music form. Tracks like “Feel So Fine” are freeing to listen to while taking in the fresh air, and “Time Lapse” is a gorgeous track to listen to while bundled up in your bed. Overall, every track on it embodies some element of the season.  

Frank – Baek Yerin

I’m mostly adding this in here for the song “Across the Universe,” which is an absolute masterpiece, but the rest of this entirely acoustic album is a great listen for this autumn season. Baek Yerin’s soft, airy voice is also reminiscent of the fall wind, which makes the album great for windy days.

Palette – IU

This may be my favorite album to listen to while studying. It borrows elements from all sorts of genres to tell a tale about maturation and self-acceptance, which is great for a season all about transition.

I’m Your Baby Tonight – Whitney Houston

In a list full of mellow albums driven by acoustic sounds, this record may stand out a bit, but I still think it’s a great fit for the fall season. Songs like “I Belong to You” fit the calmer theme of autumn, and any season is a great time to listen to Whitney.

Fall is my favorite season for many reasons, and the music it calls for may be at the top of the list!

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Charlie Ough is a junior at CAS studying English. Aside from writing, his interests include makeup, skincare, and Mariah Carey.
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